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Paige Holt

Paige Holt

Wrestling team works hard to compensate for unfilled weight slots

The Cannon Falls wrestling team has had an okay season so far. The quality of their players is high, yet due to unfilled weight slots, the team has an even record. But to Coach Flodeen, wrestling is more than just a record, “wrestling is what they’re doing but [we] also want to relate to life experience.” He wants to be able to use wrestling to shape these young kids into hard-working men. Some of his wrestlers are in it to win it. Senior Ryan Epps, for example, wishes to win the State tournament this year which is a definite

The wrestling team has two more matches before the sub-section contest


For others, wrestling is for the memories or phenomenal feats like a single leg hold to a standing cradle takedown that many of Flodeen’s players wish to duplicate. But Coach still believes that wrestling can make a better person. “You can make an athlete a good wrestler if he’s giving the time,” and they’ll feed off of their training and become better. “Nowadays, it’s go out for a sport or play video games,” and simply taking the step to being in a sport makes Coach Flodeen’s kids closer to becoming great men.

You can make an athlete a good wrestler if he’s giving the time”

— Coach DUdley Flodeen

Through their rigorous training of cardio, strength training, and technique drilling, these wrestlers can utilize their skills whichever they want, be it to succeed on or off the mat, or have flashing moments of fame and pull a single leg hold to a standing cradle takedown. In the last two meets on Dec. 18 and 19 they wrestled Byron and Northfield respectively. Epps won his weight class in Byron and at Northfield with sophomore Hayden Strain also winning his weight class. The team gets a well deserved late holiday break and will not play until Jan. 7 where they will have a home meet with another held on Jan. 9.

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A different game