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High school drama

The high school drama class performed a comedic play for high school students.

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High school drama

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On January 15, Mrs. Schwarz’s drama class performed the play, “The Customer is Always Wrong,” that they had been practicing for about 2 months. Many students got to skip 6th hour to watch the play and see these students’ hard work pay off. The play followed multiple people working and finding jobs. From a babysitter dealing with pesky kids, to a sign spinner for a burger place, this play showed the ups and downs of employment.  

I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be in the drama play”

— Mari Mendivil

When senior, Mari Mendivil, was asked about her experience working on the play, she said, “I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be in the drama play. The class was really fun and Mrs. Schwarz is an awesome teacher. When I was little, I wanted to be an actor, so basically I was living up to my childhood dream. I had so many lines which made me super nervous and it was a challenge for me, but I enjoy things I’m scared of. Right before the scene with (senior, Jenna Skaggs), I was shaking so much. I was super nervous but Jenna and I had a really good chemistry and it really felt good when I was up there with her. She surprised me the most because she was perfect for her part.” When watching the play, you definitely could see this chemistry and how well rehearsed the play was. It was very professional and flowed so smoothly that I forgot it was a high school play. Mari also touched on this when she said, “It also was so cool to see my other classmates who can act and I was surprised by how well we all did.” Some of the funniest moments consisted of water being poured over Jenna’s head, Parker Hartl portraying the father of an uncontrollable teenage boy very convincingly, and Molly Bowen’s spot-on performance of a high maintenance mother who just wants the best for her son that included a very strict diet, superior education and even a time out in the corner when needed.

The way they performed the play was very eye-opening and it showed the struggles that some people go through when trying to find their way in life”

— Paige Miest

The play was not only funny and light-hearted, but it also touched on how workers can often be mistreated and disrespected. Paige Miest, who watched the play, said, “The drama play did a really good job of showing the fears kids from our generation have going into the workforce. The feeling of being second-guessed all the time is something many high school students know all too well. The way they performed the play was very eye-opening and it showed the struggles that some people go through when trying to find their way in life.” Mari’s character got to see the hardships of working with people first-hand when she had to deal with an arrogant moody woman that needed everything exactly her way. Even though she had a difficult part, Mari said, “I got to play a waitress named Heidi and I loved acting out her personality.” Senior, Kelsie Wilcox-Laurel‘s character worked at a movie theater and had to deal with indecisive customers and impatient people. The stress they faced from customers led to some outbreaks of frustration which lead them all to come back to their employers saying that they just need another chance.

The end of the play featured them all with each other’s old jobs. It showed that there will always be some frustrations in any job because let’s face it, people are rude. The former sign spinner, now waiter, played by Ben Siebenaler, finished the show off on a very memorable note. He happened to be waiting on that very arrogant woman one night and decided to give her a piece of his mind. The waiter explained that they all were doing their best and they all were human, causing the woman to apologise. The last conversation of the play really showed the importance of an apology and following the Golden Rule of “ treat others the way you want to be treated.” The play emphasised that if we all were just a little nicer to each other, some things could be different and of course that the customer definitely can be wrong.

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High school drama