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Rogue One review

The Lantern reviews the newest Star Wars movie.

Publicity release of the newest Star Wars episode, Rogue One.

Publicity release of the newest Star Wars episode, Rogue One.

publicity release

publicity release

Publicity release of the newest Star Wars episode, Rogue One.

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Humanity has had a fascination with the unknown since the dawn of it’s birth. As a species, homo sapiens started off their adventures slowly, first with what’s seeing what’s over the next ridge. Then, we were able to set sail to the seas, and explore unknown lands and uncharted waters. With our technological advancements at their all time high, we have finally reached the final frontier – space. A merciless void, filled with wonders that let the brain imagine whatever it desires. The pinnacle of our imagination of space rests with the Star Wars Series, and it’s latest edition Rogue One expands the viewers horizons and furthers the creative minds of the next generation.

There’s no better way to express the grandeur and epic of this cinematic masterpiece other than one word, “Wow.” Throughout the movie, Stars Wars held true to it’s wide shots and large pans with great CGI that helped to viewer believe they were actually landing on Scarif. With large battles full of fiery explosions, the suspense story turned into an epic action film as time went on.

The movie shined a new light on the Star Wars Universe, especially within the Rebel’s side. It was cool to see how the Rebels are not one fighting force, but instead multiple factions all working together in an effort to stop the evil galactic empire. This made it even cooler when the final battle scene came, and all the factions finally agreed to help support Rogue One and their mission.

While much of the criticism for Rogue One has been of applause and congratulations, there is a small sect which couldn’t get over the first five minutes of the film, shouting at the top of their lungs that Start Wars isn’t staying true to it’s beginnings. [SPOILER ALERT] There is no creep. That’s correct, this is a Star Wars flick that has no beginning scroll down of plot details.  Before people run to the hills and never come out again, I would like to explain the purpose for not including one of the defining characteristics of a Star Wars Movie. Rogue One is a prologue to Episode IV, and explain how the planes for the Death Star were acquired. The Creep to Episode IV describes the battle that took place to get the plans (Which was in the end of Rogue One). Therefore, because the Creep is meant to be a prologue, and Rogue One was basically a prologue, there is no reason to have a prologue to a prologue. That would just be redundant.

I don’t know if there could have been a better way to create an explanation to the first Star Wars movie. On top of the graphics, there was a riveting plot full of full dimensional characters, all of which helped add to the Force, and helped expand our imagination of the Star Wars Universe. I can’t wait for the Episode VIII has in store.

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Rogue One review