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2018-2019 Staff

Laurie Miller

A&E editor

Laurie is a senior this year. She is a part of the Bomber tennis team and Northfield Raider gymnastics team. When she is not busying doing her infinite pile of school work, she is either crying because of the new Netflix orig...

Tatum O'Gorman


This is Tatum. She likes listening to music and watching Netflix. She also enjoys eating.

Lydia Peterson


Lydia is an 8th grader who loves engineering and architecture. She is in Speech, Track, and the Fall musical. Some of her favorite pastimes include reading, climbing trees, and photographing nature around her house....

Jessica Baszuro


This is Jessica Baszuro. Other activities she is in includes Soccer, Speech and Track. She is in 8th grade and loves to read, write, play soccer, make music, and hang out with her friends. She hopes to one day go into the medical ...

Emma Conway

co-features editor

Emma is a co-features editor for The Lantern. She’s a junior who is involved in speech, debate, yearbook, and student council. Through her writing, she hopes to discuss relevant problems that aren’t discussed enough. ...

Graham Pearson

Sports Co-editor

Graham is a Freshman this year. He plays football, basketball, baseball and water polo, and is involved in many other activities. He is a super-geek for superhero movies from Marvel and Batman, but also enjoys other romance m...

Bianca Caputo


Bianca is in Speech and Theater. When she’s not in the school, she’s dead, because she’s always at the school doing something. In her “free time”, she plays video games, eats food, and harrasses her cat Lily....

Tristin Qualey


This is Tristin, an 8th grade theatre nerd with a love for writing and speech. This energetic eighth grader has been writing on the torch for a year and plans to continue writing until he graduates.

Mia Jesh


Mia is an eighth grade torch photographer. In Mia's free time she likes to binge watch Netflix and eat. She enjoys doing track.

Teagan Strecker


This is 8th grader Teagan Strecker. She is outgoing, talkative, and nerdy. She likes to try everything, and because of that, needs to get her priorities straight. She is a thrill seeker who loves heights and water. She is a mus...

Nathan Baszuro


Nathan is 7th grader who loves taking pictures and editing them for the Torch/Lantern. He also likes playing soccer, track and field, and singing in choir. He thinks the Lantern is the best newspaper in the entire world.

Marguerite Holes

Staff writer

Marguerite is a freshman staff writer involved in other activities like volleyball, dance team, track, student council, and yearbook. In her very little free time she hangs out with her dogs and watches movies on Netflix. Her ...

Laura Johnson


Senior, Laura Johnson, is an Editor-in-chief who enjoys Hulu. Speech and FFA also occupy her free time. She participates in many band activities such as flute choir and FFA band with a dash of sarcastic concert band rehearsals. Baby p...

Mari Mendivill

Features writer

My name is Mari Mendivil and I’m a senior this year. I play soccer in the fall and I’m involved in yearbook, green club, choir/jazz choir, Interact, FFA, and I’m a featured artist this year. I enjoy watching the office, ta...

Paige Miest

A&E editor

Paige Miest is a senior and an A&E editor for the lantern. She is in tennis along with track, and she also volunteers through NHS and Interact. Watching Netflix and vines are some of her favorite things to do outside of school....

Emma Shepersky

Staff Writer

Hey I'm Emma! I'm a sophomore who loves watching Riverdale, Friends, and The Office, taking buzzfeed quizzes, and spending hours scrolling through useless pins on Pinterest. I’m involved in choir, pop girls choir, band, and jazz...

Sophie Epps

Feature co-editor

Sophie Epps is a senior and is one of the co-editors of the Features section. Even when not writing bios, she enjoys talking about herself in the third of person. This ice cream lovin’, kale devotee, and almond butter addict is occ...

Hannah Singewald


Hannah Singewald is a junior who participates in speech, softball and the musical. Except for  her passion for rollerblading and softball, her athletic life is almost nonexistent. During the summer she is almost always found defe...

Nathan VanZuilen

News Editor

Nathan Van Zuilen is a senior and a News Editor on the Lantern. When he’s not busy with Soccer, Speech, or Track, he enjoys spending his time finding new ways to keep himself busy and active in the school. ...

Hailey Newinski

staff writer

Hello everyone. My name is Hailey Newinski and I am a sophomore this year. I am involved in soccer in the fall, speech in the winter, track in the spring and softball in the summer. I also enjoy being in the green club and obv...

Lindy Edstrom

co-news editor

Lindy Edstrom is a co-editor for the news category. She is a senior who participates in many activities like Interact, church leader, student council, swimming, MHS, and track and field. Lindy is also commonly known as Melinda,...

Jenae Quam

Features writer

Jenae is a Junior, and writes for the Features category. She is involved in tennis, speech, choir, jazz choir, and also plays violin for an orchestra. During the summer, Jenae is paid to scream “BUDDY WALK” at children at...

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