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The Lantern

2017-2018 Staff

Graham Pearson

Sports Co-editor

Graham is a junior this year. He plays football, basketball, and baseball, and is involved in many other activities. He is a super-geek for superhero movies from Marvel and DC, but also enjoys other sci-fi movies like Star Wars an...

Bianca Caputo

Torch writer

Bianca is in Speech and Theater. When she’s not in the school, she’s dead, because she’s always at the school doing something. In her “free time”, she plays video games, eats food, and harrasses her cat Lily....

Mia Jesh

Torch photographer

Mia is an eighth grade torch photographer. In Mia's free time she likes to binge watch Netflix and eat. She enjoys doing track.

Teagan Strecker

Torch Writer

7th grader Teagan Strecker is a STEM loving speech kid with a love for fantasy. She adores fantasizing about writing her own book, but has so far been unsuccessful, mainly because of her tendency to put everything into way to m...

Nathan Baszuro

Torch photographer

Nathan is 7th grader who loves taking pictures and editing them for the Torch/Lantern. He also likes playing soccer, track and field, and singing in choir. He thinks the Lantern is the best newspaper in the entire world.

Marguerite Holes

Torch writer

Marguerite is an 8th grade torch writer involved in volleyball, dance, and track. In her free time she loves to binge watch Stranger Things over and over again because she is obsessed with the show.

Laura Johnson

A&E co-editor

Eleventh grader, Laura Johnson, is an A&E editor who enjoys food and Netflix. Speech and FFA also occupy her free time. She participates in many band activities such as flute choir and FFA band. Baby platypuses and puppies hav...

Paige Miest

sports writer

Paige Miest is a junior and a sports writer for the lantern. She is in tennis along with track, and she also volunteers through NHS and Interact. Watching Netflix and vines are some of her favorite things to do outside of school....

Kristy Allen

staff photographer

Kristy is a 9th grader who loves many opposite and contradicting things. When asked to do something, there's a 50% chance she'll say yes and a 50% chance she'll just stare at you until you leave.

Sophie Epps

Feature co-editor

Sophie Epps is a junior and is one of the co-editors of the Features section. She usually writes for Arts and Entertainment, News, and Features. When she is not busy running on the trails or in circles around the track, she i...

Brooke Kimmes

co - sports editor

Brooke Kimmes is a senior at Cannon Falls and a sports editor. Along with the Lantern, Brooke is involved in dance, tennis, football, math league, NHS, yearbook, interact, and speech. In her few minutes of spare time she enjoys...

Hannah Singewald

A&E co - editor

Hannah Singewald is a junior who participates in speech, softball and the musical. Except for  her passion for rollerblading and softball, her athletic life is almost nonexistent. During the summer she is almost always found defe...

Grant Schlichting

co - editor-in-chief

Grant Schlichting is co-editor-in-chief of the Lantern. In his senior year, he spends time in Debate, Speech and Track. His goal for the year is to have the Cannon Falls lantern ranked #1 among Minnesota student online newspa...

Nathan VanZuilen

Staff writer

Nathan VanZuilen is a tenth grade Lantern writer who is also involved in soccer, speech, and track. In his free time he enjoys running, playing video games, and taking artsy nature pictures for Instagram (ironically of course...

Zoe Jesh

Photography editor

Zoe is a sophomore and a Senior Photographer for the Lantern.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and eating pizza.  Zoe is also involved with track and speech.

Aizlynn Thim

Sports writer

Hi I'm Aizlynn and I am a freshman. I waste my time eating cookies and watching Netflix. I enjoy telling stupid jokes and endlessly scrolling through useless Pinterest pins. I also play soccer and golf.

Hailey Newinski

staff writer

Hi I'm Hailey Newinski and I am a freshman. I love making a fool out of myself onstage and food is life.

Kressin Hartl

staff writer

What up, it's Kressin Hartl and I am a freshman. Christmas and Netflix pretty much sum up my life.

Maggie Bahr

Torch videographer

Hi I'm Maggie Bahr, also known as Marge. I'm in weightlifting, basketball, and golf. All I want for Christmas is Ramen.

Katie Allen

Photography editor

Katie Allen is a photography editor, who enjoys activities such as Speech, band, and watching John Mulaney's New in Town. When she's not busy reading or ordering people around, she finds time to study whatever interests her at...

Lindy Edstrom

co-news editor

Lindy Edstrom is a co-editor for the news category. She is a junior who participates in many activities like Interact, student council, swimming, speech, cross country, and track and field. Lindy is also commonly known as Melin...

Luke Newinski


Hello, my name is Luke Newinski. Soccer, lacrosse and the lantern are my three favorite things to do in my life. I do mainly stuff with video whether it be recording or editing both are fun. My life hopefully conclude of videography,...

Noah Muhlhausen

Torch writer

*Intro music* It's Noah Muhlhausen here to rock you with my shookness. That's right, queens I'm back. Also I love my ostrich. BTW I'm actually insane.

Olivia Anderson

Senior Photographer and Senior Writer

Olivia Anderson is a sophomore and has been on the Lantern for two years, and one on the Torch. She writes newsflashes and articles and is also a new photographer. Olivia enjoys spending time with friends, family and hanging out...

Xander Weinreich

staff writer

Hey! This is Xander! I’m sort of writing this just to fill it out and not get yelled at by my EICs (Editors In Chiefs) and I would be honestly surprised if anyone has actually taken the time to read this/care about it (even y...

Samantha Hamann

Asst. photography editor

Sam is a senior and a co-editor in photography. She participates in multiple activities including Roller Derby, fencing, speech, theater, and Girl Scouts. In her free time, oh wait, she doesn’t have free time. Her free time f...

James Watson

Senior Writer

James Watson, a 18 year old boy with the imagination of a 6 year old, enjoys spending his time reading (Fiction usually like Harry Potter and Ranger’s Apprentice), writing and running. He speaks three languages which are spani...

Lily Johnson

Senior Writer

Entering her Junior year, Lily is usually occupied with school, Interact, choir, jazz choir, cross country in the fall and track in the spring.  In her free time, she likes to embroider, bake, read or listen to classic rock ...

Emma Louwagie

Torch photographer

Emma is an freshman who enjoys long walks to the fridge. When she's not busy taking blurry photos for the Torch, she can be found laughing and goofing off with her friends.

Iris French


Iris is the editor-in-chief of the Lantern. In addition to the Lantern, Iris participates in speech and tennis and in her spare time she enjoys watching Netflix and reading.

Olivia Thomley

co-social media editor

Olivia Thomley is a Sophomore this year. She absolutely loves the sports Volleyball which partakes in the Fall and Winter and also Track which is in the Spring. These two sports take up much of her time and she enjoys every m...

Chase Schaefer

Senior Writer

Chase Schaefer is an editor for the Features category of The Lantern. She enjoys lounging on the senior bench, but is ready to graduate and move on to the next chapter even though college sounds sort of daunting. We...

Bryson Felton

Senior Photographer

Bryson Felton, a sophomore, is a senior photographer for the Lantern. When he's not taking hundreds of blurry photos of sports events, Bryson enjoys being in speech, debate, and theatrical productions. Some of his favorite activities...

Anna Schroeder

Staff photographer

My body produces insulin like a cow produces rainbows... it just doesn't happen.

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