• Excel program sheets must be turned in by January 22nd

  • Finals for 1st Semester are on January 17th and 18th


  • On January 28th, there will be a meeting for 9-11 graders to inform them and their parents about post secondary enrollment options after the middle school meeting

The Lantern

Xander Weinreich
Hey! This is Xander! I’m sort of writing this just to fill it out and not get yelled at by my EICs (Editors In Chiefs) and I would be honestly surprised if anyone has actually taken the time to read this/care about it (even you Iris!). But anyways about me, um, not much, basically I'm in the plays/musicals here at Cannon Falls and in speech. I am the kind of person who fusses over “Baby grapes” and getting stickers whenever I go to the doctor’s for a shot or something (on my latest visit I got a Batman sticker!!!).  How I write articles is a little special, I’ll get a topic or think up of one, get a due date for maybe like next week, and go home that day then type it up in 30 minutes. Otherwise I’m just me and I hope you enjoy.

Xander Weinreich, staff writer

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