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You’re dumb

An open letter to whoever made a bomb threat at Cannon Falls High School

Paige Holt

Paige Holt

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Let me start out by saying congratulations on accomplishing nothing.  Although I suppose I don’t know what your goal was.  Maybe all you wanted to do was interrupt a concert and make 500 people, mostly senior citizens, evacuate a building.  If that was your goal, then mission accomplished, though I advise you find a better way to get your kicks. Knitting can be very rewarding.

I was there that night, at the concert.  I don’t know when you left the threat, or when you wanted it to be discovered, but it wasn’t until about eight o’clock that night that it was found.  It was during the Winter Ballroom concert, put on by the Shepherd’s Center as a fundraising event, that the police came.  Like I said, most of the crowd was older, grandparents and the like.  The music was incredibly good.  I’ve seen the act before, and they are wonderful performers.  It was a great night.  

Did you know that in 2015, there were 20 attacks on schools?  19 dead and 41 injured.  Innocent students and teachers.  It’s only April, and there have already been five school attacks this year, with two dead and nine injured.  I’m assuming these numbers have no meaning to you, otherwise you would understand how serious an issue school violence is.

I considered addressing you as “The Threatener” or “The Bomber”, but frankly, those names sound way to cool.  Giving you a title would give you power, something you obviously have little of.  No, what you are is a coward, a sad being who wants a scrap of fame or notoriety for threatening a small town high school.  If you want my personal opinion, making anonymous, empty threats is no way to gain street cred.

So what was your end goal?  To make a building full of people scared?  As I scanned the crowd of evacuating people, none of them seemed particularly frightened.  Annoyed, yeah.  Angry, definitely.  But no visible fear.  There was, however, an uneasiness in the room.  I admit, my stomach tied itself into nervous knots.  I have grown up in a time where all I see in the news is shootings, bombings, and terroristic threats.  I’m not ready to become just another school violence statistic.  Yeah, it seemed highly unlikely that the small town of Cannon Falls would be the subject of this kind of violence, but there is always a first time.  

I go to shows to escape the horrible things about reality, and yet you managed to ruin my single escape.  You brought this terrible world into my realm of safety, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the audience who felt that way.

I’m sure whatever reason you had for doing this is justified in your mind.  Maybe it was just a joke.  Maybe you really did want to put a bomb in the school, but got cold feet.  Maybe you were pressured to do it by someone you wanted to impress.  

In closing, I would like to ask one more time, why?  Just, why.  If it was a threat that was carried out, that would be an entirely different and exponentially worse story.  But this, this is nothing.  This is cowardice.  This is using scare tactics in a time where violence perpetrates nearly every aspect of American media.  This is threatening death and destruction at a time when a person can’t hardly walk down the street without being faced by the realities of war and threats of domestic terrorism.  This is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater just because.  Or, more accurately, this is yelling “bomb” in an auditorium full of people who just wanted to see a good concert.  

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You’re dumb