• WEPO is selling metal signs again to raise money for their trip to Nationals in Washington D.C. - Buy yours now before they close for the year!
  • Good luck to Saudra and Ellie Stodden at State Gymnastics on Friday (2/21) and Saturday (2/22) !
  • Humanities dinner will be held in the atrium tonight (2/21) - tickets had to have been bought in advance
  • Congrats to the BDT for earning fourth place at State this Saturday!

The Lantern

Bianca Caputo
Bianca is in Speech and Theater. When she’s not at the school, she’s dead because she’s always at the school doing . . . something. In her “spare time” she plays video games, eats food, and loudly sings musical soundtracks. She has a rabbit, a parakeet named Ari, and a cat named Lily, because why pick one when you can have them all?

Bianca Caputo, Staff writer

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