Too cool for school

Bryson Felton aka Danny Zuko is performing in the fall musical.

Behold the one and only: Danny Zuko. From burning up the dance floor to fixing cars, Danny is your average greaser. At least he was until the summer before his senior year, which is when he met Sandy. Throughout his life, Danny had always been one of the popular kids. He’s chilled with friends like Sonny and Doody while hitting on girls like Rizzo and Marty. He fixed cars for fun, skipped classes, and refused to spend a dime on his lunch. But one fateful summer spent swooning on the beach pulled out his soft side which is not usually seen, making him what Bryson describes a “Scholar and a gentleman” to impress a girl. According to the same Bryson Felton, a junior at CFHS who will be playing Danny in the show, “Danny Zuko is a bit of a spineless coward who lacks morals. Most of his actions are spurred by his intense desire to be seen as cool and to fit in, so really, on a deep level, he’s just like any of us.”

Many of us may marvel at the actors on stage and admire their passion for theater but, in the words of Bryson, “Acting in a musical is always a blast but it tends to get stressful as the end draws near. Everyone wants to do their best so it can be a bit of a tense working environment at times. Overall it’s really fun though.”Ultimately, it’s not the applause that the wondrous actors truly try to obtain, rather it’s the memories and a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a well put together performance.

Some may wonder, however, if being the starring role in a show makes things more tense or if it’s kind of a deal-breaking black sheep. Bryson puts an end to the fear of leads when he said “I feel pretty nervous to be playing Danny. He’s a cool guy, and I’m pretty far in the other direction. Switching my mannerisms on their head in this way isn’t the easiest thing, but it’s been fun so far regardless.” He goes on to talk about how being a lead isn’t so much the courage, but the mentality of taking on a whole separate person and incorporating them in your own body.

The show premiered on Thursday, November 8th, and will run the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can see Bryson become the embodiment of Danny Zuko for a price of $4 for students and $6 for adults.