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  • May 11The theater department will be performing "Clue" on May 14, 15, and the 16th.
  • April 27College acceptance gathering for seniors May 2
  • April 27Prom will take place on April 30
  • April 27AP exams begin on May 2
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The Student News Site of CFHS

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The Student News Site of CFHS

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There are a variety of displays in downtown Cannon Falls.
Spring Art Show
Lauren Ritz, Editor-in-chief • May 12, 2022

Over the course of the past school year, CFHS students have created a large body of artwork; their pieces ranging a wide variety of mediums,...

AP tests are coming up fast.
Upcoming AP tests
Evelyn Nelson, Staff Writer • April 29, 2022

The AP tests are college-level exams on specific subjects such as Math, History, Science, and English. The tests are nationwide and are all taken...

Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, unleashes his power.
A strange land for a strange doctor
Marguerite Holes, A&E writer • May 24, 2022

The mind boggling thought of an infinite number of alternate universes existing beyond this world is not only immensely confusing, but simply just hard to grasp. However Marvel’s...

Disneys Nate has some big Broadway dreams.
Better Nate Than Ever
Charles Fick, A&E writer • May 24, 2022

The tension is palpable. After a debate between the two best friends, Nate decides to leave the bus for New York City. Better Nate Than Ever is a movie streaming on Disney+...

An excited team of FFA members smile for the camera.
Outstanding in their field
Cadence Kilmer, Staff Writer • May 19, 2022

Cannon Falls FFA is crushing the competition. The Cannon Falls FFA chapter sent several teams to compete at the Minnesota State FFA Convention from April 24 through the 26th....

This years state participants in speech pose for a picture after earning 5th place in state competition.
A season to remember
Grace Miller, News editor • April 29, 2022

After an extremely successful season, including eight first-place wins, the Cannon Falls Speech team moved into their post-season: Subsections, Sections, and State. The preseason...

The shop department is full of tools used for various classes.
Shop classes
Mitch Hoffman, Features writer • April 21, 2022

During the pandemic, Cannon Falls High School lost a vital member of staff, shop teacher Mark Wolter, who retired from teaching in 2021. Due to his retirement, the High School...

Voting is an extremely important tool for teens entering the American political landscape.
A referendum recap
Emily Barrett, Features writer • April 4, 2022

When we think of the importance of voting what comes to mind? Most people would answer presidential elections, voting for House representatives or electing a mayor. Cannon...

CFHS softball coach Tom Langfeldt speaks at the signing of Kayley Frenette and Abby Breuer.
Sliding into a new chapter
Anna Ritz and Taylor Johnson May 19, 2022

As the school year winds to a close, this year's seniors have begun to contemplate their plans for next year. In light of this development, two CFHS softball players, Kayley...

Adam Korkowski leaps over the hurdle during a group run at track practice.
Overcoming hurdles
Anna Ritz, Staff Writer • May 11, 2022

This track season, like most of Cannon Falls’s spring sports, started off slow. Around the time when meets were supposed to start it started to get rainy and cold causing...

Books are coming off of library shelves as banning controversy sweeps the nation.
Writing the truth
Hannah Hjellming, Features editor • May 5, 2022

In literature classes being taught across the country, it is hard not to notice the complete lack of diversity being presented to the young and malleable minds of future generations....

For those like writer Elayna Sherer, every day starts with two pills.
Did you take your pills?
Elayna Sherer, Guest contributor • February 8, 2022

Every morning I take two pills, one for my ADHD and one for my anxiety. Somehow the whole school knows. So from every step I take to every word I say, I’m still the girl...

Satire week grid
Satire week grid
April 5, 2022

Aurora 2021
Aurora 2021
Makayla Bowen June 28, 2021

What is your favorite endangered bird species?

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Sue Frankes 40 year career was celebrated with a bittersweet last concert.
A musical farewell
Anna Dubbels, Editor in chief • May 23, 2022

Professor Plum holds the revolver in his hand with a look of fear on his face.
Crime Scene Photos
Nathan Baszuro, Media editor in chief • May 19, 2022

Grand March 2022
Grand March 2022
Bowen Maki and Bianca Caputo May 19, 2022

New year, new us
New year, new us
Bianca Caputo, Special Projects editor • January 11, 2022

College Interviews
College Interviews
Kendall Lawless, Media Specialist • May 23, 2022

The Lantern Podcast staff has interviewed several seniors headed for college: Ashton Beyer (Texas A&M), Bennett Lochner (UW LaCrosse) Xavier Brechtel and Bailey Dwyer...

The Spark investigates the best that Christmas music has to offer.
Top 15 Christmas songs
Kendall Lawless and Bianca Caputo December 23, 2021

The podcast team at the Lantern has developed a review of some of the best songs of the Christmas season, and identifies here the top fifteen of those classic tunes

Justice confused
Justice confused
Lydia Pedersen, Graphics staff • December 15, 2021

Theres no place like home
There's no place like home
Emmy Nelson, Torch Photographer • May 19, 2022

Touching Spirit Bear was a 6th grade class reading project.
Touching Spirit Bear
Amy Fick, Torch Writer • May 16, 2022

Touching Spirit Bear, written by Ben Mikaelsen, is a story about a 14 year old...

The CF Middle School FFA team goes to competition.
A BIG deal
Hilari Palodichuk, Torch writer • May 16, 2022

FFA is an extracurricular activity that many students chose to participate in....