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The Student News Site of CFHS

The Lantern

The Student News Site of CFHS

The Lantern

Many students turn to large ACT prep books for studying before the exam.
ACT now
Angel Zheng, News writer • January 17, 2023

Spring is approaching, and so is the March ACT for the Cannon Falls High School Juniors. The ACT test will be held in school on March 7. The...

The Cannon Falls High School band plays a musical selection under the direction of Mike Legvold.
Musical festivities
Angel Zheng, News writer • December 19, 2022

December is here and with it inevitably comes Christmas music. In honor of the season, the Cannon Falls Choir will be having their holiday concert...

Available on Netflix and in theaters, Glass Onion features a star-studded cast.
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Kendahl Zimmerman, A&E writer • January 29, 2023

Billionaires, celebrity scandals, and murder mysteries; Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is director Rian Johnson’s own Clue fiasco. Daniel Craig comes back as Benoit Blanc...

CFHS Humanities students adored The Veiled Lady by Raffaelle Monti for its demure expression and expertly carved features.
A rare glimpse
Grace Miller, Editor-in-chief • January 23, 2023

The opaque automatic door slid open. Not knowing quite what to expect, a gaggle of students stepped into an expansive room, adorned with beautiful paintings and statues on...

High school students danced the night away with a New Years theme.
Greeting the new year
Sara Auger, News editor • January 27, 2023

It’s shimmering lights. It's pounding bass. It's screaming lyrics to childhood favorite tunes and dancing until everyone’s feet are sore. It's the 2023 Cannon Falls High...

The Giving Tree bin was set up in Cannon Falls High Schools atrium throughout the duration of the donation event.
Wrapping up clothing for the holidays
Thomas Coyle, News writer • January 23, 2023

With snow days, or BOLD days, coming nearly every week, it feels as though this winter will be everlasting. However, one of the school's popular winter events has come to...

Profe Crego, as her students call her, writes on the board as she practices vocab with her students.
A new learning curve
Gavin Harrington, Features writer • January 20, 2023

For the students of Spanish II, it was a typical spring day. The class was playing Levantense -- meaning “stand up” in Spanish -- during the class’s Brain Break, and...

Earlier this year, prospective team members attended a call out meeting to get a taste of speech.
Speaking with purpose
Maddie Becker, Features editor • January 10, 2023

The speech season is back in full swing as the team prepares for another successful season. Earning numerous achievements and a reputable name in past speech seasons, the...

Colton Otto completes his clean and jerk at 135 kilos with ease.
A strong start
Karsyn Winchell, Sports writer • January 10, 2023

As winter sports start up again, the weightlifters at Cannon Falls are thrilled to be back. All lifters are up bright and early at six in the morning before school on Mondays,...

Colten Black takes on his opponent in his wrestling match.
Taking it to the mat
Randi Hanson, Staff writer • January 7, 2023

Gavin Peterson is drowning out every distraction as he focuses solely on his opponent. The third period of their match has just started, and Peterson already gained one point...

Cannon Falls has limited options for EV charging but there are a set of EV chargers in the city parking lot.
EVs not ready for prime time
Nathan Baszuro and Lauren Ritz January 25, 2023

Back in 2013, I got to ride in my first electric vehicle: a Chevrolet Volt. Because my family’s vehicle was in the shop for unfortunate repairs, we were loaned this hybrid...

Flaws in fast fashion
Flaws in fast fashion
Kyra Schoenfelder, Sports Editor • January 4, 2023

From the tops of the Himalayas and swamps in the Amazon, to the deepest trench in the ocean and ice in the Arctic-- microfibers have been identified on every part of Earth....

Volleyball season stats
Volleyball season stats
Visual staff November 17, 2022

State volleyball bracket
State volleyball bracket
November 7, 2022

Aurora 2022
Aurora 2022
Anna Dubbels and Nathan Baszuro June 2, 2022
A winter art show
A winter art show
December 22, 2022


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Ethan Albers stares down his opponent at the beginning of his matchup.
Pin it to win it
Nathan Baszuro, Media editor in chief • January 27, 2023

Jadan Winchell sweeps pass an opposing player for an offensive play.
On the road to victory
Claire Dicke, Photographer • January 23, 2023

Gaia Bergamaschi and Grace Miller work on their chemistry assignment together.
A Cross-Continental Connection
Tristin Qualey, Special projects editor • January 27, 2023

Grace Miller working on her project for the high school Humanities class.
Humanities students share their projects
Tristin Qualey, Special projects editor • January 23, 2023

Spiders are seen as an icon in the horror genre.
Spark's guide to Horror: Halloween Movies
Tristin Qualey and Nathan Baszuro October 31, 2022

This version of the Horror podcasts includes some of the classic Halloween movies, and it discusses Halloween as a sub-genre.

Spiders are seen as an icon in the horror genre.
Spark's guide to horror: Literature
Tristin Qualey, Special projects editor • October 26, 2022

In this installment of the Horror Podcast series, the authors take a deep dive into some of the most creative literary treatments of the genre

Who are you?
Who are you?
Kalie Campbell-Moline, Graphics • January 24, 2023

Cannon Falls Middle School science teacher Rachel Langer works one-on-one with a student
Cultured teachers
Amelia Fick, Torch writer • January 10, 2023

I was brand new to a school I barely knew about, and walking through those doors...

The Song of Achilles
The Song of Achilles
Hades Kammerude, Torch writer • December 13, 2022

Greek mythology tales are always interesting. More specifically, the retellings...

Starved for adventure
Starved for adventure
Maddie Olson, Torch writer • December 13, 2022

In the ruins of what was once North America are twelve different districts,...