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2019-2020 Staff

Nathaniel Garrett


I enjoy watching and uploading to YouTube, and flying drones. The sports I am in include: track, robotics, and I am almost done creating a team for the HDL (Hydra drone league).

Saundra Stodden


Saundra is a senior and a gymnast for the Northfield Raiders team. She loves photography, painting, and ceramics. In her free time, she enjoys watching cheesy rom coms and making memories with her friends.

Ellie Stodden


Ellie is a senior who loves sports including gymnastics, weightlifting, and pole vault. She is very involved in activities such as SADD, Yearbook, and FCA. In the little free time she has, she enjoys creating art, reading, and...

Hayden VanZuilen

Staff writer

My name is Hayden and I like getting some rest. I don’t do a whole lot around here, but hopefully I find something.

Miah Barsness

Staff writer

Hey hey! I'm Miah and I am a sophomore this year! I am a sports writer. I like to play sports and write:)

Ava Brokate

Staff writer

This is freshman Ava Brokate. Or so she wants us to think. She is actually a gecko in disguise. She keeps herself busy by climbing trees, engrossing herself in the wonderful world of reading (once she actually finds an interesting...

Jessica Baszuro

Staff writer

Jessica is a freshman who is a master in the art of procrastination. To distract herself from all the things she needs to get done, she plays soccer, reads a boring book out loud 3 times every Saturday to cranky looking judges...

Lauren Ritz

Staff writer

Lauren is a freshman who loves playing tennis, competing in speech and taking naps. Among her favorite pastimes are reading, painting, listening to music, hanging out with her friends and watching Friends. Interesting buttons...

Sydney Niehaus

Staff writer

Sydney is a junior who participates in the school's theater productions and speech team. She also takes music lessons at St. Olaf. When she isn't ruthlessly studying for an AP exam, she's either hanging out with friends, listening...

Lindsey Niehaus

Staff writer

Lindsey Niehaus is a junior with a love for the fine arts. She participates in the school's theater productions and is a member of the speech team. In her spare time, she enjoys doodling quirky characters in the margins of her...

Amelia Qualey

News editor

Grace Miller

Torch writer

Salutations! My name is Grace Miller, and I am in eighth grade. I love to play with my poodles and doodle (admittedly terrible) Grinches. I am involved in speech, where I read out of a book and am constantly berated by my peers...

Rebecca Hein

A&E Editor

Rebecca is a junior who is involved in speech, trap shooting and the GSA. In her free time, she enjoys making pizza, listening to Christmas music out of season and practicing her bio writing skills. ...

Hailey Newinski

A&E Editor

Hailey Newinski is a junior editor for the category of Arts and Entertainment. She is on Varsity Soccer, Speech team, and track. She also is involved in many clubs provided at her school, like Environmental, Interact Club and...

Belle Freeberg

Sports Editor

Hi, I'm Belle and I'm a junior. I play soccer and basketball and I'm a member of SADD and Interact. My go-to when I have free time is laying in my super comfy new bed while relaxing with some great movies playing!

Zoe Jesh


Hey y’all its Zoe. I’m a senior at Cannon Falls High School and the third Editor in Chief of the Lantern. When I am not doing EIC things I enjoy long walks on the beach, petting my pet frog, and yelling at kids to get off ...

Aizlynn Thim


Hola me amigos, mi nombre es Aizlynn. That was my attempt at Spanish, even though I took two years of French. I am one of the Lantern's Editors-in-Chief. Being a huge eating enthusiast, I spend several hours of my day eating...

Emma Conway


Emma Conway is a senior Editor-in-Chief for The Lantern. As a Yearbook Editor, Speech Captain, Student School Board Representative, MHS Historian, and member of Student Council, Emma likes to stay active within Cannon Falls Hi...

Tristin Qualey

Fall Sports Book Editor

This is Tristin, a theatre nerd with a love for writing and speech. This energetic freshman has been writing on the torch for two years and plans to continue writing until he graduates.

Cora Park


Hi, I'm Cora I'm a freshman. I have an unconditional love for bread. I'm involved in soccer, basketball, student council, sadd, and yearbook.

Marguerite Holes

News Editor

Marguerite is a sophomore editor for the News Category. She is on the Varsity dance and track team, as well as an active member of student council, SADD, and yearbook. In her very little freetime, Marguerite sits around wishing ...

Anna Giese

Social Media Editor

Hi, I'm the girl on blood thinners, otherwise call me Anna. I post cute pictures and keep you updated on our social media pages, so follow us… please. I’m a senior so I enjoy my days sliding through classes while taking...

Anna Dubbels

News Editor

Anna Dubbels is a sophomore in high school. She participates in Cheer, Dance Team, Golf and Student Council. She enjoys reading and hanging out with her friends.

Nathan Baszuro

Photography Editor

Hi I’m Nathan, I am in 9th grade. I like to eat a lot. I participate in speech, soccer, yearbook, choir, and the Lantern. I want to be an actual editor this year.

Lydia Peterson

Artist and writer

Lydia is a freshman writer and cartoonist who loves reading, pole-vaulting, speech, and writing biographies in the 3rd person.

Kylie Wersal

Features Editor

My name is Kylie. I'm a senior at Cannon Falls and I play volleyball. I love making mems with my pals!!! :)

Ali Larson

Features Editor

Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs! Just kidding. My name is actually Ali. I wasn’t kidding about the hugs though. They’re great. Hugs not ughs, my people.

Sanskar Bhakta


Sanskar Bhakta is a senior who is involved in Soccer, Robotics, and Track.

Preston Parks

Video Editor

Hi I'm Preston a senior this year, have been on and off for the lantern so hopefully this year i can go out with a bang

Emma Shepersky

A&E writer

Hey I'm Emma! I am a junior, and an A&E writer for the lantern. I love being involved in many activities such as Jazz Choir, Yearbook, Speech, and SADD. Just to name a few :) I love food (and eat way too much of it), and watching...

Julia Jarvi


Hi my name is Julia and I love being involved in really fun clubs like this one!

Chris Baszuro

Sports Editor

Chris Baszuro, now a Sports editor, is a senior and has been involved with the Lantern for two years. Soccer, speech, MHS, band, and jazz band are a few of the many activities that consume his time when he isn't doing schoolwork....

Kristy Allen

Video Editor

"Julia, what should I do?" -me "I am Kristy and I am great" -Julia

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