Preparing for prom

Tickets from Prom 2021, Enchanted Garden, are available for purchase starting today, April 5.


Nathan Baszuro

Tickets for prom will be sold during first and second high school lunch from April 5-April 22.

This year, English teacher Mrs. Schwarz recruited a group of students to create a potential prom committee. As spring creeped closer and closer, the possibility of a school-sponsored prom began looking more like a reality. By the end of March, the committee had a prom fully planned and ready to make the announcement. Prom 2021’s theme is “Enchanted Garden.” With only one month left before the event date, May 1st, tickets go on sale starting on Monday, April 5 during both high school lunches. Due to many COVID-related restrictions on this year’s prom, there is no dinner provided or venue to be rented, which means prom ticket prices are at an all time low — $20 a piece. Prom-goers can purchase their tickets during either high school lunch any day of the week until April 22. 

To ensure a safe prom for everyone, this prom-amid-a-pandemic has a new system for those on the dance floor. The prom committee needed a way to keep each dancer as socially distant as possibly, and their solution? Pods. When each attendee purchases their prom ticket, they will also sign themselves up to be in a pod, or group, with five other friends. Though this year’s prom will be quite different from those in the past, the optimistic group of girls have been tirelessly working to plan a prom that satisfies safety concerns and student’s desire to dance.