A BIG deal

Part of the FFA organization, BIG is one of the many events that students can choose to compete in.



The CF Middle School FFA team goes to competition.

FFA is an extracurricular activity that many students chose to participate in. There are many different events in FFA, such as the CDE which stands for Career Development Education, and LDE which stands for Leadership Development Education. BIG which stands for Best Informed Green-hand, is an LDE. 

Members who are involved in BIG take a hundred-question test about FFA. This group meets every Monday at 7:00 am to study for this test. These are the names of people who are on the BIG team Camren Addington, Emmy Addington, Issac Rapp, Brent Carpenter, Kendra Reed, Mason Stephens, Dawson Stanford, Emma Neumann, Makenzi Killmer, and Hilari Palodichuk. This group of people has enough to consist of two teams, the teams are sorted by how well you did at the regional competition. These two teams have successfully made it to state this year. At regionals, the teams placed second and third. Camren Addington placed first overall in the competition. These two teams will go to the state competition on Sunday, April 24th. This team is larger than all of the teams in the Cannon Falls FFA. 

Students who participate in BIG get to learn more about the National FFA Organization. They learn about the history, how to run a meeting, how to properly do things in meetings, how different things that happen affect things differently, and what those things mean ( for example a hand count). Most of these students could tell you off the top of their head when FFA was started, who was the first president of the FFA, when women were allowed to join FFA, what year the FFA creed was adopted, and where the national headquarters are located. These and many other things are on this 100-question test. Students like to participate in this event because they get to learn about the activity they’re involved in. Many members in the past who have partied in this event have said it has helped them in the future. 

BIG is something that only 7-9 graders can participate in, so many students get to connect with other students, who they normally wouldn’t talk to. Many students have found friends through BIG. This team has done amazing at competitions. At the state competition, I am very proud to say that team one placed 4th and team 2 got 8th place. This team is very amazing and very proud of their hard work. They’re very grateful for their advisor Mr. Pliscott. 

These teams will get their awards at the Chapter banquet.