Under a full moon

Marvel’s newest edition, Moon Knight, proves to be a good edition to the Marvel universe.


Disney Press Kit

Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant-turned Moon Knight in the new Disney show.

“Summon the suit!” Steven Grant falls to his seemingly inevitable doom. He lands on the ground, expecting to die, but instead lands on his feet in a white, smooth suit and mask with glowing eyes.

Moon Knight is the latest Marvel show, starring Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector. In contrast to most Marvel productions’ mythology, which only includes Norse gods, Moon Knight focuses on ancient Egyptian gods. It follows the story of two different personalities in one body, Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Marc is in service to the Egyptian god Khonshu (spelled Khonsu in other uses), the god of the moon. Their goal is to stop Arthur Harrow from releasing Ammit (the beast of judgment) and judging people’s souls before their time.

Moon Knight added some variety to the Marvel Universe, bringing mythology most people might not have known about into the spotlight. The first few episodes did a good job of adding the right amount of confusion to the audience before the last few cleared it up expertly. Moon Knight is a relatively obscure character in Marvel that has made no previous appearances in movies or TV shows. The series did a fantastic job of explaining his character while holding back from giving too much detail at once. The battle between the gods at the end was epic and their size (that being about as tall as a tomb pyramid) emphasized the urgency of the situation. The emotional scenes seemed real and while people weren’t falling in love left and right, Marc “finding” himself was very genuine.

Moon Knight lacked a clear ally for the protagonist. Khonshu was there, but he only made occasional appearances throughout the show. A companion superhero in most episodes would have made the show more interesting.

Overall, Moon Knight does not need a season 2, because all the important issues were already resolved in the show. Moon Knight was good quality, however, and if the setup was right, a second season would be justified.