A game of conflict

Torch writer evaluates one of the most notorious video games

Call of Duty is a shooting game played by millions of teenagers and young adults. Lots of people would call it a fun, entertaining game. However, some would call it violent, or inappropriate. Many parents are questioning how safe this game is for their children. Here are the ups and downs of Call of Duty, and whether or not people should let their children play it.

The very first Call of Duty (COD) game was created on October 29th, 2003. Since then, many different variations have been created. Most of those have a campaign, and have a multiplayer feature. So, if somebody has two kids that want to play together, maybe Call of Duty is the game to get. 

Parents also might want to know if this is a safe game for their kids. Call of Duty is rated MA for mature audiences since there is violence and some strong language. Letting a younger child play the game probably isn’t a very wise decision, since it could be a bad influence. However, letting someone who is mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong play COD wouldn’t be as bad, as long as they can tell what shouldn’t be done in real life.

There are also many good things that come out of Call of Duty. While playing the game, people can learn how to be patient and persevere in difficult situations. If someone’s playing with another person, they can master teamwork and learn how to communicate with other people. There’s also strategy involved in COD and there are breaks from the violence with a little bit of drama and a story behind every campaign.

In conclusion, Call of Duty can potentially be a good game for mature students to play. There are many things that can be learned from COD and it is a great activity for a rainy day. However, playtime should be limited, of course, as it should be for any game. People should also wait on letting younger kids play until they’re older, since COD is still rated MA.