A hard knock life

Musical cast in final weeks of preparation

Opening night is approaching rapidly. On November 12th at 7:00 pm, Annie the musical, will be on display for the community. It will be showing until the 15th of October. This year, the musical is overrun with new and eager middle schoolers. The veterans of last year’s play have also come back for another round. Matt Breuer, the only senior this year, stars as Daddy Warbucks. “I am always looking for ideas to get everyone involved and the younger cast members even suggest games,” says Bruer. “I think it is a great team building item we do each day and I will certainly miss that the most.”

The kids always bring energy and a new perspective”

— Tania Legvold

Over the years, most of the musicals and plays have been directed by Tania Legvold. “The kids always bring energy and new perspective, I think, that I might not have thought about,” explains Tania. The hard-working cast has put together a play to remember. Every day after school, they slave for three hours, on what is sure to be a masterpiece.

Director Tania Legvold consults with stage manager Becky Yarbrough
Mackenzie Fimmen
Director Tania Legvold consults with stage manager Becky Yarbrough

For those who have missed out on the movie, Annie is a story about a young orphan who is on a mission to find her parents. When she gets adopted by an extraordinarily wealthy man, she has a chance to make her dream become reality. At first, Annie is just another one of his charities, but she manages to worm her way into his heart. If you want to know the rest of this extraordinary tale, I suggest you take your bottom dollar and enjoy the show.