A journey through history

(ARTICLE) Cannon Falls Middle School students ventured to the Minnesota History Center for an educational field trip.


Blake Johnson

Anya Nygaard enjoys the Tornado exhibit

Piper Gergen was in a C-47 troop transport aircraft. Planes were shooting at her from all directions! Then the engine exploded! The plane went down, down, down! At the Minnesota History Center there are tons of things for all ages. Grainland for little kids and different experiences for older kids.

On the 25th of April the Cannon Falls 6th grade class went to the Minnesota History Center. The students were all really excited about it. They had some exhibits that they really wanted to see. Anya Nygaard and many others were excited to see all the artifacts. When Blake Johnson was asked what she was most excited about she said “I’m most excited about the tornado simulator because it will be cool to experience what it is like to be in a tornado.” Stella Anderson said this when asked the same question: “I’m really excited about the walk through the mining tunnel because it will be cool to see what the mines looked like.”

There are many different experences at the Minnesota History Center. The biggest one is the Then Now Wow exhibit, which is all about the evaluation of Minnesota and how it has changed. The exhibit includes immigration, transportation, family life, natural environments and Minnesota industries like fur trade, mining, and agriculture are all explained and showcased. From the Native Americans in the tipis to the voyageurs in the canoes to the pioneers in the sod house the students will explore it all. Some of the other experiences include the Weather Permitting and Minnesota’s Greatest Generation.

In the Weather Permitting exhibit you get to learn about the worst weather in Minnesota history. You can find your way into a recreated 1960s basement to wait out the Fridley tornado with a broadcast from the radio. When you go in there, a tree from outside falls down. In the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation exhibit there is an ice cream parlor and movie theater that is a replica for the Great Depression. Go on a C-47 troop transport aircraft and join the fight on D-day. Learn about the boom of prosperity, industry, and babies. Exhibits include a nursery, television showroom, dry-cleaning shop with a moving rack of clothes, and an airport setting.

Not everything was as exciting as they thought it would be and some were more exciting. Like how Blake was so excited for the tornado simulator and it turned out to be more exciting than she thought it would be. She said “It was even better than I thought, we went on it twice!” Lots of people had fun at grainland even though they weren’t supposed to be on it. Grain land is a playground that explains how flour and otas are produced.

In the class called ‘We Chose Minnesota’ the students learned about immigration. Also in that class, they learned why immigrants left their homes and came here to Minnesota. They also learned what they brought and why. After that, they chose one object to present. Some of the presentations include wine makers, wooden shoes, and different balls for games. Also, lots of people enjoyed the bathrooms, the real working bathrooms.

The sixth graders had lots of fun on their field trip. It is true that anyone can have fun at the Minnesota History Center, but when Piper Gergen got out of the plane she was sad because it crashed and only the 3 closest to the door got out.