A step back in time

The CFMS sixth grade took a trip to the Minnesota History Museum.


Amy Fick

An aerial view inside the history museum

On June 2nd, 2022, the sixth grade went on a field trip to the Minnesota History Center. The students rode the bus with their peers for about 45 minutes from the middle school to get to Saint Paul with their peers. The point of the whole trip was to teach the students about the history of the state they live in. The story of Minnesota isn’t always honored as it should be, and the field trip for the sixth grade was a great way to teach them the history of their home.

In previous years, the whole country was swept by a pandemic, and for the last two years, 6th graders were unable to enjoy their day before school ended, at a museum. However, with COVID becoming less of an issue, this year’s students were lucky enough to appreciate the trip to the history center. The middle schoolers filled out a survey on who they would’ve liked to have in their group, and were guaranteed one person on their list. However, Missy Klapperich changed plans, so instead of the original plan of having individual groups of 5-6 people, there were 7 big groups, and 2-3 chaperones. The chaperones were assigned students that they were in charge of, and that way, friend groups could be together, instead of just sticking with the people they were told to be with.

With interactive activities for the students to do,  the students were never bored. Cell phones were only allowed to take pictures with, so that the kids would take in the full experience of the museum, and have social interactions with their classmates and friends. Lunch was either brought from home or taken from the cafeteria. The grade took two separate buses, one for groups 1-4, and the other for groups 5-7. The entire experience was enjoyed by the students, and was a fantastic way to end the year.