ACT: A Cost-free Test

On October 6, all CFHS seniors will have the opportunity to take the ACT through the school for free.


Amelia Qualey

Mrs. Hoffman sent out an exclusive google form to the senior class.

The ACT is a national exam offered for high school students to take on various Saturdays throughout the year. To sign up for this test, students must register and pay online in advance through the ACT website; however, once a year, Cannon Falls High School offers a state ACT exam to its juniors for free during the spring. Due to the global pandemic, however, the juniors’ free state exam, which was originally scheduled for April, was canceled. Since the Class of 2021 students were unable to take this important test when they were juniors, they will now receive an opportunity to take it this year on October 6 during school hours. In order to get in on this remarkable experience, seniors must fill out a survey that Mrs. Hoffman, the guidance counselor, sent out earlier this week. There are many benefits that students may find from taking the ACT, whether their college program of choice requires it or not, so every senior is encouraged to register.