All TWO talented

Two players on the Cannon Falls Boys Soccer Team earned an All Conference Award for their impressive work on the field.


Nathan Baszuro

Isaiah Wildenberg (left) and Nate Harmsen (right) have been valued members of the Cannon Falls Soccer program for years, and all their dedication has been recognized.

Nate Harmsen and Isaiah Wildenberg caught many people’s attention this previous soccer season, earning themselves an exclusive all conference selection. All conference selections from each team are voted on by all the other opponents coaches. This award is given out to athletes who show extraordinary talents on the field throughout the entire season. “I think there were more than two kids that deserved this recognition, that being said, these kids were definitely role models for their peers,” exclaimed the Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Tim Langdon. Langdon continued by explaining how these athletes were role models not only on, but off the field as well. 

Senior Nate Harmsen was this year’s starting center midfielder, alongside fellow all conference award winner Isaiah Wildenberg. Finishing the season with 2 goals scored and 11 assists, Harmsen believes he fulfilled his role as midfielder by helping his forwards put the ball in the back of the net. Langdon describes the skills of his all conference athletes as not limited to the use of their dominant foot, which Harmsen has no problem with. Harmsen acknowledges that he wouldn’t be who he is without his teammates, stating, ”My teammates helped me be the best player I could be by always being positive and helping me out if I ever needed it.”   

Senior Isaiah Wildenberg was this year’s other starting center midfielder. He has been playing the game since he was merely a kindergartener, and his experience is not meager. His role on the field this year involved controlling the movement of the ball from offense to defense, as well as supporting both sides of play. Wildenberg was surprised to hear from his coach that he was one of the top goal scorers this year on the team. “All this tells me is that I had a great team that was unselfish with the ball and always willing to set me up for a shot,” proclaims Wildenberg. Along with their skills shown on the field, Langdon elaborates on how their knowledge of the game is what sets them apart from others when on the field.

They, along with their teammates, were humble in victory and gracious in defeat.”

— Tim Langdon, Coach

As Harmsen and Wildenberg look back on their last season on the Cannon Falls Boys Soccer program, they reminisce of the time spent with their teammates making the most of their senior year. Wildenberg talks about how this team grew over the years to have great chemistry because of the bond they had as friends. “This has been one of the closest, most supportive, and most enjoyable groups I have ever had the privilege of being a part of,” Wildenberg stated. Langdon agrees with Wildenberg, adding , ”they, along with their teammates, were humble in victory and gracious in defeat.” One attribute that all members of the team displayed this year was their sportsmanship. “Above all else, these guys, as well as their teammates, are great ambassadors for the sportsmanship that Cannon Falls breeds,” Langdon illustrates confidently. As for the future, Harmsen would like to continue his passion for soccer by playing for club teams in college. Wildenberg, on the other hand, still wants to pursue the game, but in the recreational style of play.