An out-of-this-world movie

Film review of Jupiter Ascending

The fate of the earth is once again in dire peril- The film Jupiter Ascending is jam packed with action and drama, as viewers are taken through the ultimate power struggle within the mighty Abrasax family. The Abrasax are part of the original human race and are entrepreneurs in the lucrative business of making extra-terrestrial humans remain eternally young. Jupiter Jones is being targeted by a key member of the Abrasax because of one thing- her genes. Jupiter and her love interest Caine, played by Channing Tatum, will pull the viewer by the hand through a universe in which the human race is treated like cattle, Earthlings are from a far off planet, and genetic sequencing from almost 14,000 years ago will make one royalty. Although the storyline is cliche and the film takes place on Earth about twenty minutes after being on the planet Jupiter, the film has enough talented actors to be able to hold it together, with names like Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, and Eddie Redmayne. Though Jupiter’s character had grown throughout the story, she didn’t really seem to have much dynamic character development, at least not in way that would make her stand out from other lead heroines in blockbuster films. After all, Caine admitted that he has “more in common with a dog…” than with Jupiter. Understandably for any Sci-Fi flick, suspension of disbelief if utilized quite a bit. The action in the movie (when people weren’t falling from heights of one hundred stories up) was excellent, especially when including the final battle. All in all, when looking for good costume design, great acting, and an interesting attempt at trying to save the terrestrial human race from the almost immortal race of the original human’s, then Jupiter Ascending is definitely the way to go.