Ballerinas on point

Abby Barrett danced across the Cannon Falls auditorium during the Cannon Falls School of Dance recital.

Abby poses for the camera after her recital

Hannah Singewald

Abby poses for the camera after her recital

Young lads and ladies leaped and twirled across the Cannon Falls High School auditorium on May 18th. Dance students worked throughout the year to put together their performances that told iconic stories. Cannon Falls’ School of Dance presented Cinderella and Rio as told through dance. The performance began with featured dancer Abby Barrett playing the role of Cinderella. Once she tiptoed onto the stage, the story unfolded with the fairy godmother and the hilarious bickering between the two step sisters. The youngest ballerinas and tap dancers had a blast while they danced around the stage with the older girls. After some technical difficulties and a brief intermission, the dancers transitioned to a colorful scene of Rio. Cultural dances and tap performers swayed to the upbeat rhythms. All of the dancers had huge smiles on their faces showing their love of the classic arts. One star especially shone through the crowd.

Senior Abby Barrett danced her last performance for the Cannon Falls School of Dance. Her portrayal of Cinderella was passionate and enduring. Throughout the storyline, Abby’s expressions conveyed precisely what she was feeling. Hannah Singewald praised Abby by saying, “I really liked the interpretation because there wasn’t a man in the story. Cinderella don’t need no man.” During the scene of Cinderella’s evil step sisters tugging at Cinderella’s dress, Abby was distraught at the sight of her torn dress. Even though the ballroom dances had some technical difficulties with the lights and music, Abby stole the show with her gorgeous costume with matching golden point shoes. With the ease and grace of a true ballerina, the senior Cinderella spun across the stage as if gravity wasn’t in the equation.

Dance has been a massive part of my life”

— Abby Barrett

Most studios rarely give students the opportunity to perform their very own solo, let alone choreograph their own piece, but Abby did just that. Right after the brief intermission, Abby began on the silent stage holding the audience captive in suspense. She moved to The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Abby explained that her choreography, “ I first start with the story I want to tell which is why I picked The Last Goodbye since I am a senior. Dance has been a massive part of my life.” She further explains that the song was very close to her own experience because she is moving far away to North Carolina for college. Hannah Singewald and I were both extremely moved by the song she chose as well as how well the piece was choreographed. At the end of her solo, Abby’s dance teacher Madam Ashley thanked her for all of the hard work that Abby had put into dance and gave her a bouquet of roses to add to her collection.

Abby has taught many classes over the years to younger students as well as helped out with the choreography of the dances. She will be attending the University of North Carolina to study dance education. Ever since she was a young girl, Abby has had her sights set to become a dance teacher which will soon become a reality.