Bases are loaded

Middle school baseball players are running through their season at top speed.

It was a windy day and suddenly a loud crack was heard. When I turned around, I saw the ball getting bigger and bigger …

Baseball season has started for middle schoolers. With all the snow this past winter, the baseball players are anticipating severe flooding of the fields. On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, unfortunately, it started snowing through Friday. 8th-grade boys baseball had to cancel many of their game because of the weather.

I enjoy hitting the ball during games”

— Colten King

Bob Brintnall is the coach for 7th-grade baseball. Brintnall stated, “I just want the players to improve their skills and enjoy the game. I also enjoy telling them about the successful history of baseball in CF.” They have are 9-2 this year so far which mean they won 9 out of 11 games. Usually, they do station work to develop skill sets. Some station examples can practice throwing. The Brintnall would break down the team into smaller groups to work on developing strengths and improvement. One of the baseball player Colten King states, “I enjoy hitting the ball during games.”

The 8th-grade baseball coach is Mike Banks who states, “My number 1 goal for the 8th grade this year is to get them to hit the ball with authority.” In the past, many of these boys did a very good job of hitting for contact. This year Banks has been stressing to the boys about hitting with power, visualizing hitting to the gaps in the outfield.  In order to do this successfully, they need to learn to use their hips when hitting. This is where most of their power will be generated. There are many goals in line for baseball players. Another goal is to score an average of 7 runs per game. With their solid pitching staff, meeting this goal will have us on the winning side of almost every game. The first baseball game this season was on April 1st and was against Byron. They won, the score 7-1 and will continue to improve their skills.

So far this year things are going well. The weather has not stopped them from winning. Next time you hear the loud crack then you better move out of the way.