Boss Baby

The lantern reviews the Dreamworks film, Boss Baby.

Where do babies come from? Many people have asked this question as children, and Boss Baby has done a great job of answering it. Boss Baby, directed by Tom McGrath, depicts babies starting their life’s journey from conveyor belts in the clouds. Each child goes through stations that decide their gender, puts clothes on them, feeds them, but the last station has a twist. All the babies are tested to see if they are ticklish. If they are, then the baby is sent to a happy family. However, if they aren’t ticklish, they are sent to management because they aren’t family material, but business material. The babies going to management are easily spotted because they ride conveyor belts backwards, have baby powder put on their faces, and fail almost every station. Once in management, the infants are able to go undercover; which is where Boss Baby comes into the picture.

I really liked how the movie was told from a child’s point of view because it showed how an added family member can drastically mix up a day’s schedule.  A lot of attention needs to be given to the new infant which can cause jealousy for older siblings. This movie did a nice job of showing the tensions that can come in between siblings as parents get busy and attention gets limited.  

There was a scene in the movie where the Boss Baby was having a play date and secretly hosting a meeting. This reminded me of the green dinosaur, Rex, in Toy Story because there was a chubby and naive child that always seemed scared and emotional. Although, Rex wasn’t the only Toy Story reference. There are also three triplets that reminded me of the aliens, while one of the girls made me think of Little Bo Peep. The director may not have intended it, but I thought it was cute and pleasing to make that connection.

Tom McGrath did an amazing job of making a movie that everyone can laugh along too. The older sibling of Boss Baby, Tim, had a huge imagination; which is thrown at us right away in the movie. This creativity is shown throughout the movie as Tim and the Boss Baby try to get along. Siblings fight and disagree constantly which this movie captures and even exaggerates. However, no matter how hard one tries to get rid of the other, the other always finds their way back home.