Ceremony changes

Graduation will be different at CFHS for the Class of 2020.


Cindy DeRosier

Although teachers won’t be attend this year’s ceremony, they have sent well wishes to all of the seniors.

Governor Tim Walz announced disheartening news on Friday, May 8th. Health officials in Minnesota are banning all in person graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020, agreeing that the safest way for everyone to celebrate is from home. Virtual graduation ceremonies are the recommended form for celebrating the success of students statewide. While this comes with great disappointment, it’s for the safety and well being of all people. 

Although traditional ceremonies taken place in a stadium or gym may not be allowed, not all creative forms of graduation ceremonies are banned. Parking lot ceremonies and car parades are allowed as long as everyone stays in their cars. Windows of the cars must stay closed unless they are 6 feet apart. In addition, graduation caps should not be thrown because it could encourage people to get out of their cars. People showing symptoms of COVID-19 shouldn’t attend ceremonies of this kind. 

Some schools have shown interest in delaying their ceremonies. This would still give students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments in a more traditional way. Unfortunately, this is not recommended, as health officials do not know when gatherings of that size will be permitted again. 

Fortunately for Cannon Falls students, a plan has been created to give the seniors the recognition they deserve. The graduation ceremony will take place on May 29 at 7:00 p.m. It will be held in the student parking lot of the high school. Each graduate will be able to bring their family with them in their vehicles. There will be a stage for Bryson Felton to give his welcome address and for Emma Conway and Cooper Peterson to give their speeches. Principal Hodges will read everyone’s names and the student’s picture will be displayed on a screen. The speeches will be broadcasted through FM radio and there will be a sound system. Unfortunately, students cannot walk across the stage and receive their diplomas due to the state restrictions. Thankfully, Cannon Falls High School is trying to give the seniors the best possible experience for the situation at hand.