Crush Cans

Crush pop cans will be sold from February 3-February 13 at school to promote Valentine’s Day.


Lantern Staff

The student council made posters advertise the Crush sale.

Starting on Monday, February 3, Crush pop cans will be available for purchase in the concession stands at the Cannon Falls High School during lunch hours. These sweet drinks cost one dollar per can and they come in three different tasty flavors: strawberry, grape, and orange. Students are allowed to write notes to be delivered along with their sodas as long as the written messages are school appropriate. Some students may end up sending these Crush cans to their crushes to complete the intended pun, while others may just send them to their friends in an attempt to make their bestie’s Valentine’s Day spectacular. The sale will end on Thursday, February 13, and then a day later, on Valentine’s Day, these sugary drinks will be handed out during school hours.