Digging up some wins

The middle school volleyball teams have had a lot to be proud of this season.



The Bomber girls volleyball team celebrates after winning a point.

So far this season the eighth grade volleyball team is undefeated and the seventh grade team has only lost two games. Both teams hope to have more wins than losses. Many of the seventh grade volleyball players are newer whereas most of the eighth graders have been in volleyball since third or fourth grade. Both teams recently competed at a tournament in Triton. The eighth grade team came away with a win with the last game they played having a score of 34-32 in their favor. The seventh grade team sadly came back with 4th place after 3 games.

Aydria Baker, a newer player on the eighth grade team, says that she hopes to be able to improve her skills. When asked what she hopes the team can improve on, she replied “I hope our team can improve on talking to each other on the court, not letting balls drop, and improving on our attitude in games and practice.” Aydria is number 18 and plays right front. She is working hard on getting her footwork down so she can get some hits during games.

Eighth grade coach Sara Kelly said that she hopes her team improves on their positive energy. When asked what she hopes to teach the team Sara said, “I hope to teach the team that playing volleyball is not all about winning. It is about learning to communicate with others. It is about learning to trust others. It is about learning how to work as a team to accomplish a goal. It is about playing the sport you love with your teammates and building relationships. It is about self-discipline.” This is Sara’s first year coaching Cannon Falls eighth grade volleyball and she is teaching the entire team all sorts of ways to get better. The eighth grade team is very lucky to have Sara as their coach this year. 

Amy Fick, a seventh grade player, said her ultimate goal this volleyball season is to really just improve her skills and be a great team player. Amy is number 32 and is playing outside. When asked why she loves playing volleyball she responded with, “Volleyball is a really fun sport, but can definitely be difficult at times, and I really want to be someone younger players can look up to and strive to be like.” She loves this sport and one thing she wants to improve on is to be consistent in cheering and being supportive. Amy wants to improve on this because she sees that there are times when her team needs motivation.

Seventh grade coach Ellery Akemann said that she wants to help all her players develop a love for the sport. Akemann is helping them all get better in their serving, passing, setting, and hitting. When asked what she hopes for out of this season she said, “I hope that my team has a great volleyball season. My wish is to win games but I also want everyone to be having fun and learning about volleyball.” She is giving her whole team a love for volleyball that they will hopefully never lose. Akemann has been a great coach this season and she has taught her team how to pick each other up on the court.

Both teams can’t wait for the home tournament on October 15. Most people on both teams want to get wins out of the season but they would rather improve in their skills. Both teams are doing really well so far this season and both teams are going to win lots more games.