Dress up days

Pajama Day kicks off the week


After the student body voted for dress up days, the days have been revealed. Pajama Day is going to kick off the homecoming week. It’ll be as if you never got out of bed as comfy PJ’s that you slept in can be worn to school. Following in suit is country day, so wear cowboy boots, flannels, and bandannas. Wednesday’s dress up day is the much awaited meme day. Although meme day hasn’t been done before, this dress up day won the popular vote by far, so it is expected that a lot of people will dress up for meme day. Thursday is 80’s day so neon colors and puffy hair should be broken out. Finally, Friday is the traditional school spirit day. Like in the past, people usually get all decked out and hopefully this year will be no exception. Additional bomber gear will be sold by student council members in the mornings in case someone wants to get into more school spirit. This bomber and spirit gear can and should be worn to Friday’s homecoming game and even escorted to the Homecoming dance. After Friday’s game there will be a homecoming dance in the high school gym for anyone in grades 9-12, and it will last until around 11:00 p.m.