Dribbling past COVID

The Cannon Falls Girls Basketball Team is about halfway through the 2021 high school basketball season and so far, have fortunately not had any major issues regarding COVID-19.


Nathan Baszuro

Senior Bella Davisson dribbles past a Goodhue defender.

Currently, the Cannon Falls Girls Basketball Team has played 10 out of their 18 regular season games allowed this season, and stand at a record of 2-8. Their two wins have been against Kenyon-Wanamingo and Triton. The head coach, Steven Strauss, reassured that “we are in one of the toughest conferences in all of Minnesota.” The team started the season off with some great competition, playing some very solid teams, which include Goodhue, Kasson-Mantorville, Lourdes, Stewartville, and more.

This season has been a bit harder when it comes to basketball because the players have to wear masks while they play. Junior, Lauren Johnson, explained that “wearing masks while playing is definitely not ideal because it is more difficult to catch your breath, but I am still happy for the opportunity to play, so the masks are just something we have to deal with.” During the games, if players have their masks below their noses or not on their faces at all, the referees politely ask them to pull it up. As the season moves onward, the referees have gotten more strict about it. It is not a referee’s job to be the “mask police,” but oftentimes they are. Senior, Belle Freeberg, said that wearing masks is not fun at all, but as the season goes on she gets more and more used to it. 

The team has successfully not had to quarantine so far this season, but has had to reschedule a game because their opponent, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, did. Following COVID-19 guidelines has helped the team stay healthy. Johnson says she is glad that there have been no COVID-19 issues and she hopes that the rest of the season will continue to be this way. 

The next little stretch of games before the playoffs are promising for the Bombers. They are scheduled to play Randolph, as well as Zumbrota-Mazeppa and Pine Island twice. 

The atmosphere on the team has become both bittersweet and head-strong. Knowing that the season is already halfway through, means that the seniors are almost done with their high school basketball career, but the players have hopes that the team will win a few more games and end on a positive note.