Dune: a movie with depth

After seeing the movie “Dune,” staff writer Cassidy Maneval gives a comprehensive review on the film.


Dune is an intense sci-fi movie set in a vast world with deep, intertwining politics. House Atreides has been ordered by the Imperium, the ruling empire, to take control of Arrakis, a planet known for having spice, from the Harkonnens. Spice is important to many people throughout the Empire because of its multiple effects; extending life, allowing for safe interstellar travel, and helping escalate special powers. 

But there is an alternative motive behind the Imperium. The empire feels as though House Atreides has gained too much power, so by making the house take over Arrakis, the ruling state hopes the Harkonnens will resort to war. 

Paul Atreides, the heir to house Atreides, has been having strange dreams about Arrakis and the future. Lady Jessica, Paul’s mother, is training Paul to use the Voice, which is a way of controlling people. This talent is usually used only by the Bene Gesserit, a group of exceptionally powerful women. 

The Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit meets with Paul in order to see if Paul can handle the power he holds. Paul soon learns about the Bene Gesserit’s plan to create a male Bene Gesserit that could eventually take control of the Imperium, which Paul is assumed to be. Dune’s cinematography is wonderful and the scores created by Hans Zimmer add another level of emotion to the film. It is recommended to watch the movie in theaters to get the full effect. CFHS student Ali Buck said “I loved the cinematography and how crisp everything is. The film sent me into a different world and was a great three hour escape.”

The film was enjoyable and it was easy to become attached to the characters in the film. My favorite characters were either Duncan Idaho or Lady Jessica. Duncan Idaho is one of my favorites because he was lovable but also had amazing fight scenes throughout the movie while Lady Jessica has a mysterious side to her and is implied to be more powerful than she seems. 

The whole cast of the movie is stacked with amazing actors and actresses. However, if someone were to watch the movie for Zendaya in her role of Chani, they would be greatly disappointed. Despite being marketed as a significant character, the actress Zendaya was only in a few scenes, all of which lacked emotion. This said, there are rumors that if there is a second film she will be more of a main character, so there is hope for Zendaya to have more screen time. 

The pacing of the film is excellent; even though it is two and half hours long, there are hardly any slow moments. It was captivating most of the time and the flow of the story was excellent.

Dune is a wonderful addition to world of great sci-fi films, and a step up from the first adaptation from 1984. The in-depth politics of the movie as well as the special powers given to certain characters throughout it made the film spectacular. Overall, Dune was fantastic to watch.