Enter the “Enchanted Garden”

In less than two weeks, Cannon Falls seniors and juniors (and a handful of sophomores) will enter this year’s Prom: Enchanted Garden.


Aizlynn Thim

After a great number of changes to Prom, Cannon Falls students will finally get dance the night away on June 4th.

For months now, students all over the country have been shopping for their dresses and tuxes, booking appointments for hair and makeup, and anxiously awaiting their night to remember. Unfortunately, many schools have been forced to shut down any extravagant events — including prom. Month after month, students debated about whether they should hope for any sort of prom, and even when it was dangling right in front of them, their eyes were hesitant to fully accept it. With less than two weeks before the big date, guys and gals are now relieved that their skepticism may falter.

Cannon Falls High School is hosting a 2021 Prom: Enchanted Garden. Because of the extensive possibility that Prom could have been cancelled, Prom committee wasn’t able to plan too many set-in-stone aspects of Prom early on in the year, and as a result, Prom will be held in the high school Atrium. Attendees shouldn’t be too worried, however, since the committee plans to decorate to help disguise the otherwise casual setting. Prom-goers can expect flowers, lights, and an assortment of tasteful desserts. 

The restrictions set on prom this year, including the lack of a venue, dinner, and bussing, makes going to Prom much easier on the wallet. The cost to attend the dance is a mere $20, which is quite the discount compared to previous years. Grand March, which will be held in the high school Auditorium just before the dance, has a $2 entry fee (exact change encouraged). Audience members will also experience a change to previous proms; programs for Grand March are online in the form of a QR code that can be scanned from a smartphone camera…how tech-y.  

Other important information regarding Prom includes: building doors will open at 6p.m. for students and auditorium doors will open at 6:30 p.m. for Grand March, which will begin promptly at 7p.m.; audience members are required to wear masks, but anyone is welcome; the dance will begin at 8p.m. in the atrium and continue until 11:30p.m.; Prom attendees are encouraged to wear masks but will not have to maintain their “pods” on the dance floor; students are still to sign up for a seat at a table due to contact tracing and ensuring a spot for eating. 

Patience has paid off for Cannon Falls upperclassman. While many schools opted to cancel their Prom entirely, CFHS will host an elegant evening almost immediately after the school year ends. What is usually months of planning ahead turned into weeks; nonetheless, these lovely ladies and gentleman will gratefully receive a 2021 Prom.