Eternally below average

While Marvel’s Eternals had its downsides, the fight scenes provided some interest to a below-average movie.


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The now iconic Eternals logo is recognized by Marvel fans everywhere.

In the power scaling of the Marvel Universe, there are humans, then there are superhumans, then living planets. And then there are Eternals.

Eternals kicked off pretty awkwardly. After a beginning crawl very similar to a Star Wars movie opening, practically the only dialogue spoken in the opening scenes was “It’s beautiful,” “Father!,” and “Run!.” But besides the lack of speech in the exposition, the opening fight scene was cool, and so were the ones that followed. In addition, having the camera panning around made the fights seem very similar to the Avengers movie. Essentially, these beings were sent to Earth to protect the humans and let them repopulate so that a giant world-eating celestial being could be born. The Eternals decide they don’t want that and go to stop it.

The movie lacked the complete development of characters. For example, it seemed like one minute a guy tells a girl he likes her, and the next they’re getting married. There is no gradual growth between  the characters, which rushed the love story between them. Also, the split of the group as well as individual Eternals leaving for different areas had no explanation, randomly leaving people in Mumbai and the Amazon. There is no backstory to cover how they arrived or why they chose the spots they did. The skew of power in the Eternals also seemed like it didn’t belong. There seemed to be too much power with one Eternal, and that didn’t seem like something that would align with their creator’s intentions.

The fight scenes were exceptional, however. All of the Eternals running around using all their abilities was awesome, plus the final major fight seemed very much like Superman fighting against a bunch of superheroes.

Eternals had a plot similar to other superhero and adventure movies, but that was one of its few redeeming factors. With great fight scenes, but a lack in most other things, Eternals hit below expectations but still managed to be an average movie. Perhaps a sequel is in order, but there isn’t a lot to add on to that can’t be covered in other movies.