Back for season 2, Euphoria has caused quite the stir with its star-studded cast of high school characters.


Bianca Caputo

Euphoria features a diverse cast of characters in their high school environment.

Typical high school themed TV series usually all consist of the same plot lines – a sloppy love story, a dumb jock, and a naive girl who believes popularity is the key to solving all of her life’s problems. However, the popular teenage drama Euphoria takes a deeper dive into the complex social jumble that is high school. The critically acclaimed HBO series has made a return for its second season this month and it has done nothing but keep people waiting for each new episode.

In season one of Euphoria, the show boasted a few talented faces such as Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, who play polar opposites in the series. Zendaya portrays her character Rue Bennett, a 17 year old drug addict battling her addiction while also trying to find her way through the puzzling jungle of high school and family relationships. Jacob Elordi, on the other hand, plays a 17 year old football player, Nate Jacobs, who is not far from being one the most hated characters on the show. He sports a tall, buff figure that the girls at his school can’t help but stare at, but behind the scenes he is an abusive and manipulative person who would do anything for another notch on his belt. Besides these two incredible actors, the cast of the show consists of a number of fresh faces, each just as talented and important to the popularity of the series. On top of the excellent choices made by the casting crew, the wardrobe of the characters adds to the plot of the story.

Euphoria has multiple characters, each with differing personalities and hardships faced throughout the show. It was revealed to social media by one of the producers that two of the main characters, Maddy and Cassie, who portray best friends in the series, have a hidden message behind their makeup. In the show Maddy sports winged eyeliner, long black nails, and edgy clothes in order to give the audience the illusion that she isn’t vulnerable but tough as nails. Cassie on the other hand goes for a more girly, sweet look with light blue and pink eyeshadow and soft, warm tones in her outfits to convince the audience she’s an innocent girl with nothing to hide, when in reality, she has plenty of secrets to keep to herself throughout the show. This is just one of many ways the producers of the show have made the series worth watching.

With the immense attention to detail in casting and wardrobe design, the show falls together seamlessly episode after episode. Including relatable high school troubles into the show and a layered storyline, HBO’s Euphoria is a must see before heading to class and experiencing it all over again.