Feb 24. Covid update

Governor Walz is attempting to get more students back into in-person learning by March 8.



The covid vaccine is being administered mostly to older folks who are at higher risk.

As of February 19, 2021, 754,602 people have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Minnesota according to the MDH (Minnesota Department of Health). Of those people, 341,332 people have the completed two-dose vaccine series. In the past week, 160,939 doses were administered, a decrease from the previous week’s 188,500 doses. Most of the people who are receiving their COVID vaccine are aged 65 and older, amounting to 41.4% of people who have at least one dose of the vaccine in Minnesota. For people aged 50-64, 13.3% of the total vaccines administered have gone to this age group. Moderna has shipped 366,700 completed series of their vaccine to Minnesota providers and 225,550 completed series to CDC long-term care vaccination programs. Pfizer has sent 617,175 series of their vaccine to Minnesota providers and none to CDC long-term care vaccination programs. There are 637 provider sites that are receiving these doses of the vaccine. Pfizer is still leading with the percentage of people who have received their vaccine in terms of how many people have been vaccinated, with 56.7% of the vaccines. Moderna has 43.3%.

In Cannon Falls Area Schools, as of the week of February 13-19, there were 16 students and 3 staff members who were quarantined at home due to having close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or for exhibiting symptoms of COVID. Of the 1,150 students and 188 employees, 30 students and 18 staff have tested positive for COVID since September 8, 2020. Cannon Falls Area Schools are continuing hybrid learning after switching from full-time distance learning in early January. According to the conference that Governor Walz had last week, he expects all schools in Minnesota to offer some form of in-person instruction by March 8. He didn’t have specifics on whether it would be completely in-person or hybrid, but he also said that students would still have the option to continue full-time distance learning.

According to the Goodhue County Health and Human Services, there were 82 active cases of COVID-19 as of February 19. Of those cases, 8 were hospitalized at that time. In total, there have been 3,745 confirmed positive cases and 57 probable COVID cases, as well as 66 deaths. In Goodhue County alone, 6,218 people have at least one dose of their vaccine series and 2,524 people have the completed series. 

On February 20 alone, the MDH reported 759 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 and 132 probable cases. There were 9 newly reported deaths. In total, there have been 456,370 confirmed cases and 22,666 probable cases of COVID. There have been 6,432 deaths due to COVID in Minnesota.

Nationwide, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), there have been 27,882,557 total cases of COVID-19 since January 21, 2020. In the week of February 14-21, 2021, there were 461,931 cases reported. In that same week, there were 13,399 deaths reported due to COVID. Total deaths from COVID are up to 496,112 in the U.S.