Feeling like royalty

Coronation, a traditional homecoming festivity, allowed 14 seniors to participate in a royal evening.


Bryson Felton

After the crown was placed on top of her head, Anna Giese had a priceless reaction.

Everyone sat down in the auditorium seats. The lights dimmed down and the light buzzing of excitement could be felt. The thrones were set up in the middle of the stage with a big banner hanging over the additional seats. It was time for homecoming coronation.

The senior emcees, Emma Conway and Xander Weinreich, welcomed everyone to the event. They introduced the senior class escorted by Mrs. Schwarz and Mr. Schopp. All of the seniors sat in their reserved seats as their final homecoming coronation was about to start. The evening started out with Vienna Qualey singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” accompanied by Kathy Illa playing the piano. 

Next was the introduction of the foreign exchange students: Petter Aadde and Mikko Heinasuo. Petter Aadde, from Norway was escorted by senior Ellie Stodden and Mikko Heinasuo, from Finland was escorted by senior Saundra Stodden. Then homecoming court was introduced: first Kristy Allen escorted by Ryan Schlichting, second Anna Geise escorted by Blake Hernke, third Olivia Johnson escorted by Nick Bultena, fourth Ella Miller escorted by Kade Holt, fifth Vanessa Peer escorted by Preston Heckmann, sixth Sarah Twedt escorted by Drew Otte, and seventh Kylie Wersal escorted by Jake Hall. 

Next, Emma Shepersky took the stage and sang “ Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi and Kathy Illa accompanied the piece by playing the piano. The emcees then called up the coaches and captains of the fall athletics and Activities. Melissa Huseth, the volleyball head coach was the first to be called to the stage. Head football coach, Dan Meyers, talked about the exciting undefeated varsity football team so far this season. For soccer the captains of the boy’s team, Blake Hernke, Chris Bazsuro and Cameron Langdon, and the captains of the girl’s team, Vanessa Peer and Anna Geise, talked about their seasons so far. The tennis captains Lindsey Miest and Madison Hall shared excitement about their young team and the ability to grow together. For Cross Country Ben Schopp, Gabe Hepola and Brian Thorburn all took turns at the mic encouraging more students to join their fun and challenging sport. The head coach of Cheerleading, Morgan Schwarz, shared the excitement of the football season and the improvement of the cheerleaders. Next the fall musical was introduced by Junior Kressin Hartl. Lastly, Student Council was introduced by the president Ryan Schlichting.

The emcees then introduced the members of the 2018 homecoming court. King Nathan Van Zuilen and court member Molly Bowen took the stage. Once they sat on the thrones, junior Kressin Hartl sang “ If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. She was accompanied by Kathy Illa playing the piano. 

At last, the moment everyone was waiting for, arrived. Nathan Van Zuilen took the crown and hovered it over the boy’s heads. Going back and forth between all of them the crown landed on Jake Hall’s head, making him the 2019 homecoming king. Next Molly Bowen took the crown and lifted it above the girl’s heads. Building up the anticipation, she took lots of time moving back and forth between the girls. Finally the crown was placed on Anna Geise’s head, making her the 2019 homecoming queen. 

Overall the 2019 homecoming coronation was a success. Beautiful singing, sports and activities updates, and the crowning of the king and queen made it a memorable experience for all. Congratulations to Queen Anna and King Jake. We all look forward to next year’s coronation.