FFA: Fresh Fruit Available

The FFA is once again holding their annual fruit sale. Proceeds go toward trips, dues, and activities for the chapter.


Lauren Ritz

Cannon Falls FFA members are selling fruit to the community starting November 1st.

The Cannon Falls FFA is having its annual fruit sale from November 1st through November 15th this year. The fruit sale has been conducted for over 40 years. All of the funds go to fees for competitions, state and national conventions, and camps for members. The fruit sale is very important for the Cannon Falls FFA chapter, because it is where they get most of their funds. 

The fruit sale is more than just fruit; there are also meat, cheese, and cheese spread available. Because there are so many different options for the fruit sale, there is something for everyone. The orders from the fruit sale will come in around December 14th. 

Another benefit of the fruit sale is that members learn about money and how to make sales. Members have to contact everyone on their own to make their sales and make sure they are polite to the person so they can make a sale to them the following year. Many students will use social media to try and help with their sales. The fruit sale also directly helps members of FFA. If a member sells $900 worth of fruit the member will receive their own FFA jacket. Members also get vouchers for the FFA store if they meet the goal of $650. This goal of possibly receiving an FFA jacket or money to the FFA store motivates members to sell more fruit. Not only does the sale help the member individually, but it helps the whole chapter.