Freak the Mighty

CFMS Torch reviews the novel freak the Mighty

“Even a total goon like me knows you can’t stop Killer Kane, but I go ahead and try anyhow. My hands are still numbed out and I can hardly walk, so all I can do is sort of fall on top of him and try to shove him loose from her. I’m going,  Stop! I see you! I see you! Daddy, please please stop, you’re killing her!”

In the book Freak The Mighty, Freak, a small boy with a very large brain, comes back to Portsmouth, New Hampshire from living in a different town. There he meets Max, a tall figure with a kind heart. Max is living with his grandparents because his father Killer Kane is in jail for killing his mother. The fair Gwen gets scared because he might act like his dad but sure enough he doesn’t and they become friends.

The variety of characters is phenomenal. The character Freak is bold, brave and literally has a big heart. Then you meet Max, a kind hearted shy person willing to help anyone.  The fair Gwen is a sweet mother who cares more about her son than anything in the world.

The word choice in this book is super interesting. In sentences like “peeking from behind the bedroom door,” he could have said looking through the bedroom door, but he said peeking through the bedroom door. The author Rodman Philbrick made this book so much more interesting with the word choice he used. This author definitely made boring words sound interesting.

I definitely recommend this book for 11 years old or older. Some of the words used could be hard for a 5th grader to comprehend. Overall this book was amazing!