Get On Board

For those of you who want to be on Broadway in six years, become an actress / actor, or just have some fun in High School singing and dancing the musical is right for you! The Scene is set in 1936, where love is set on high seas on the Ocean Liner S.S. American. As the tides churn the love plot thickens, and Billy Crocker sneaks on the boat to find his love Hope Harcourt only to find that she is engaged to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.

Will Billy find his love? Or drown in the depths of his despair as Lord Evelyn sweeps Hope off her feet? Only YOU can make this performace grand! Auditions occur September 7th and 8th after school, contact Mr. Legvold ([email protected]) for more information.
Have a song to sing and we will have you read from the script.