Greeting the new year

This year’s Cannon Falls High School winter formal had a different theme than years past.


Nathan Baszuro

High school students danced the night away with a New Years theme.

It’s shimmering lights. It’s pounding bass. It’s screaming lyrics to childhood favorite tunes and dancing until everyone’s feet are sore. It’s the 2023 Cannon Falls High School Winter Formal. 

On January 14th, the Cannon Falls High School Student Council hosted its annual winter formal dance. Open to all kids grades 9 through 12, the dance was the perfect way to shrug off the winter cold and have fun at the school. 

This year, the council opted to stray from their usual winter wonderland-esque theme for a classy “New Years in New York.” Student Council members arrived at the high school at around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and spent about four hours plastering the high school atrium with decorations. Garlands of gold tulle and twinkling lights were strung about the High School atrium, mimicking the grandeur of Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Tiaras and noisemakers were strewn about the floor in front of the photo booth. The hall by the field house that students entered through was lined with faux snow and trees, alluding to Central Park. 

Starting at 8 p.m., freshmen through seniors dressed to the nines went out on the floor as they pretended to party the night away in the city that never sleeps. The DJ blasted songs that are currently popular juxtaposed with hits from when the teens were young, keeping everyone on the dance floor. The student council charged ten dollars for a ticket and sold pop, water, and cookies at the concession stand in order to generate a profit that the council could use on future events. Junior Bowen Maki attended the dance and expressed his good time: “I really enjoyed the dance. I’m glad they brought back food and drink and, of course, the dancing was super fun.” 

However, the dance reflected an issue of low student involvement that the student council has been struggling with at all their events. This dance saw one of the lowest attendance numbers of any winter formal they have thrown in the past. Even with the low numbers, Student Council President, Nathan Baszuro, was satisfied with the event: “Despite attendance, I am really happy with how the dance went. It seemed like students had a great time and many enjoyed the concessions area.”

At 11 p.m. the DJ played the final song — “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan, the 2023 senior class song. Students filed out, exhausted from the exciting evening. The event was torn down just as quickly as it was put up. Before the ball could drop at midnight, student council members tore down their decorations and lights, packing them away to sit in anticipation for next year’s dance.