Guide to winter post-seasons

As winter sports begin to come to a close, don’t miss the upcoming post-season games.



Winter sports seasons are coming to a close but with great prospects for the post-seasons.

The regular season for winter sports is, inevitably, coming to an end. The winter season has witnessed many victories– from triumphs on the basketball court to wins on the wrestling mat. Fans shouldn’t be disheartened regarding the end of the 2021-22 season, though. Playoffs as well as the state tournament is a prospect for all winter sports teams: girls basketball, boys basketball, wrestling, weightlifting, and dance.

Although girls basketball finished their season on a tough three-game losing streak, the team will be ramping up for their first playoff game. Finishing as the number twelve seed, the Bombers will face the Lake City Tigers in their first playoff game on Thursday, February 24. If the Bombers advance, they will play their second round of playoffs on March 1 at the Rochester Civic Center. The Hiawatha Valley League section championship will take place on March 10– the winner advancing to state. Finally, the state tournament will occur over the span of March 16-19. The girls basketball program is eager to win their first playoff game– a victory that would end the playoff drought the team has faced for many years. 

The boys basketball team is also preparing for their postseason. With one week left of their regular season, the team is hoping for a strong finish to their season, which could improve their seeding for the playoffs. The Bombers first playoff game will be on Thursday, March 3, one week after their regular season ends. The ultimate goal for the Bombers would be to make it to the state tournament on March 23-26. 

Despite their long, difficult season, the wrestlers of the Cannon Falls wrestling team are persevering through their post season. With both sections imminent, the Bombers are working harder than ever in order to secure a win. Team sections took place Thursday, February 17, hosted by Zumbrota, where the Bombers competed in a tri meet with Waseca and Zumbrota-Mazeppa. Unfortunately, the Bombers fell to Zumbrota, so the team will not be advancing any further. However, regardless of the outcome of team sections, all the wrestlers get the opportunity to compete in individual sections. Held at the Rochester Civic Center, individual sections will occur on both Friday and Saturday, the 25 and 26 of February. The Bombers are anticipating a few of their team members to advance past individual sections, and possibly to state on March 3-5. 

The weightlifting team is gearing up for their postseason as well. Weightlifting works slightly differently compared to other winter sports. Instead of competing in typical playoff round games like basketball or wrestling, weightlifters have the opportunity to qualify for state throughout the entire season. Each lifter falls under a certain weight class, with each class having their own minimum weight requirement in order to qualify for state. Once a lifter officially lifts that weight at an event, that individual has automatically qualified for the state tournament. The Bombers have multiple weighlifters who have qualified for state. Those lifters will participate in the state tournament on March 12. 

On the dance team, both jazz and kick competed at state February 18 and 19. This year marked an incredible achievement for the Bomber Dance Team. It is the 20th year in a row the Bombers have gone to state. In the high kick category, the team placed fifth this year and they placed sixth in jazz. This was the first time the jazz team made it to finals (top six) in the last decade. 

Winter sport programs are officially wrapping up the season. The athletes are incredibly grateful for their first “normal” winter sport in a while, as the effects of COVID-19 have taken away many memorable events. Even through their ups and downs, every Bomber athlete is looking forward to a successful postseason for 2022.