Halle Hustad

Halle Hustad, former front row player at Cannon Falls, will continue playing for St. Cloud State University.


Nathan Baszuro

Halle Hustad signed to play for St. Cloud State.

Kyra Schoenfelder, Sports Editor

Senior Halle Hustad has announced that she too has committed to a Division II program. St. Cloud State University, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, will be adding Hustad to their roster starting this fall. 

The Cannon Falls volleyball team had Hustad for four years. She was a very versatile player who hit from the middle, right side, and occasionally the outside. The presence of a 6’0” front row player was essential to the Bomber’s success this year. This upcoming volleyball season at SCSU, Hustad will be a middle hitter/blocker. She knows this position very well and will get to take her experience to the next level. 

Hustad claims the main reason she chose SCSU was because of the coach and the volleyball girls. “It was like I knew them, they were so sweet and inviting,” she emphasized. Another factor that played a huge role in her decision was their well known volleyball program. This year, the St. Cloud volleyball team was the number one seed in the NCIS and they conquered many aspects of the game. Hustad exclaimed that it makes her thrilled to know she will be playing good volleyball while facing tough competition at the college level.

Hustad isn’t just excited about St. Cloud’s volleyball program, though. After touring the school, she stated that the campus was different from all the other colleges she had visited. “The people were so kind, the campus was easy to get around, and they have great programs in many different areas, which is kind of reassuring. It just felt right,” Hustad shared. 

While Hustad is mostly excited about continuing to play volleyball, she is also excited about her college experience. “I’m so eager to experience it all,” she says. “Seeing all the new things, meeting new people, living in a new town, it is all so exciting,” Hustad explains. Although she knows moving out of her house will be hard, Hustad understands she is ready to change her life and start on her own. 

As of right now, Hustad is planning on majoring in Business. “I know many people change their major, so if it’s not for me, I am not hesitant to switch,” she clarified. Overall, Hustad is very excited about the program she will become a part of and the school she chose. “It just gets me pumped to know I will be playing good volleyball at a tougher level, but I’m beyond stoked for it,” she said.