In an action-packed holiday series from Marvel, Hawkeye dazzled audiences.


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Along with Hawkeye, Kate Bishop takes a starring role in the series.

The sniper lines up the shot. He sees his victim duck and fires the first shot of the fight, with people running, glass shattering, and shots firing.

Hawkeye is a Marvel show produced by Disney and streamed exclusively on Disney+. The six-episode show follows the story of Hawkeye after a young prodigal archer unwittingly puts a target on her back for all of NYC’s crime world to aim at.

The show starts off as most action shows do, beginning with a peaceful environment. Most of Hawkeye’s family goes to New York to experience Christmas in the Big Apple. But things quickly turn bad. The daughter of a wealthy business owner, Kate Bishop, puts on the suit of Ronin, a Marvel character that wreaked havoc on organized crime,  during a black market auction, leading Hawkeye to fear for her safety. He rescues her from a gang that tried to kill her and then takes her to her apartment. They are attacked and forced to flee. Hawkeye gets captured in the action as well. In an attempt to rescue him, Bishop also gets captured. They escape, and Kate’s mother eventually asks Hawkeye to keep Kate out of his investigation.

During a fight on a rooftop, Hawkeye finds out that his attacker is Yelena Belova, the sister of Black Widow. With this realization, Hawkeye cuts Bishop from the partnership, fearing for her safety. Bishop would soon meet up with Hawkeye again in a fight between him and Maya Lopez, the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia whose father the Ronin had killed. Later, Bishop gets a text and finds out that the person who hired Yelena was Kingpin. Later, the final confrontation with the mob would occur. Yelena attempted to kill Hawkeye for letting her sister die and almost succeeded, but Hawkeye convinced her that Black Widow sacrificed herself. Kate Bishop and her mom take on Kingpin and injure him, but Kate puts her mom under arrest because Eleanor worked with Kingpin. Kingpin stumbles to Maya Lopez and is shot. Hawkeye and Kate go to his house, and they celebrate Christmas there.

Hawkeye focused on the holiday element of the time period more so than other Marvel productions. Hawkeye was torn between being with his family for the holiday and protecting Kate, and that was one thing I liked about the show. I think it showed how human Hawkeye is, despite his tendency to act tough. The series almost didn’t lack anything, but it could have used more coverage on how people got to places. It seemed like somebody would be losing a fight and then all of a sudden somebody pops out from behind the wall and helps. For example, the show would be a little more suspenseful if I could see the feet of somebody hopping on a motorcycle and driving to the site. Overall, Hawkeye was a good Christmas show, but it wasn’t as riveting as it could have been.

A second season is not planned for Hawkeye, but Loki will have a second season, so Disney producers may decide for another one.