Hearts set on a tribute to Windberg

Former volleyball coach, Kylie Windberg, was honored at the annual cancer night volleyball game.


Bryson Felton

Pink jerseys were worn to support the fight against cancer during the homecoming volleyball game.

On Thursday, October 3rd, the Cannon Falls volleyball team faced the Zumbrota-Mazeppa Cougars in their annual Fight Cancer night, but this year was a little different for these girls. They played honoring former coach, Kylie Winberg. “It was an emotional night for not only our coaches, but for our players too. It brought back a lot of memories most of us hadn’t even thought of in almost a year,” said varsity coach, Melissa Huseth.

The team started accepting donations for Winberg’s family as soon as the c-squad game had started. There was a guessing the candy in the jar game, a dash for cash, and a serving game throughout the night; however, the biggest part about that night were the words and actions put forth by the whole program. 

At the very front of the bench, a picture of Winberg was propped up, so even though she wasn’t with them physically, it felt like she was. The words said by the coaches before the varsity game resonated with a lot of people in the crowd. Silence filled the gymnasium when the coaches started their heartfelt speeches, paying tribute to not only their fellow coach, but a dear friend.

“Before the game, we were all talking about how we wanted to play for Kylie and do the best we could for her and her family.””

— Kyra Schoenfelder

“Before the game, we were all talking about how we wanted to play for Kylie and do the best we could for her and her family.” said freshman, Kyra Schoenfelder. “The whole thing meant a lot to me. I had her as a coach and a teacher. It was really sad for me, but I’m glad I got to play in her honor.”

Though the team didn’t pull out a win, they still gave it their all. They felt disappointed after the loss but proud they got to play for Winberg. The team hung up the “you matter” sign they made for the night in the locker room for the remainder of the season as a reminder that it doesn’t matter your role on the team: once a bomber always a bomber.