Helping others, one meal at a time

The Cannon Falls community came together to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children.


Photo courtesy of Kirsten Hoffman

MAHS members volunteered to set up the Feed My Starving Children packing area.

Feed My Starving Children is a nonprofit organization that helps feed kids in poverty around the globe. On Saturday, November 12, 2022, Cannon Falls community members had the opportunity to help this organization. During this event, 387 volunteers were able to pack 101,088 meals. That total makes it possible for Feed My Starving Children to feed 276 children for one year.  

The event took place at the Cannon Falls High School. Community members had the option to sign up for four different shifts throughout the day. There were two shifts to pack the food and one for setup and clean up. Many volunteers did not have to go far from home because this event was held in town. This made it convenient for people to participate.  This event wasn’t just about packing food to help people, it was about connecting with others, and the people who ran it also made it a fun game. The game was where each table competed against all the other tables to see who could pack the most meals in ten minutes. “It feels good to help kids in need, and the atmosphere at the event is very fun,” volunteer Rebecca Peterson stated. Even though people were not directly benefitting themselves, many participated for the experience — or maybe just for something to do — but everyone who was there worked hard and felt happy about what they did afterward.

The Feed My Starving Children program is not just about helping those in need; it’s also about having fun and learning. During the time people volunteered they learned how to do many different things. There were many different things volunteers could do to help. There were scoopers, weighers, packers, runners, and labelers. All these jobs meant that everyone was needed to help out with doing something. “My friends and I did switch jobs throughout the event for fun, but the one I often stayed at was the scoopers,” stated volunteer Cara Erickson.   While this event was happening, people learned new things while also doing something good and putting themselves to use. No one person stood around every one did their part to help people who aren’t as fortunate as this community. 

Living in a small community where not much happens, when something comes up people step up to help out. This group of people was not just composed of adults, there were elementary kids, high school students, adults, and even senior citizens. Everyone young and old helped make a difference in the world.