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Cannon Falls’ homecoming is this week and student council has many activities prepared.


Sara Auger

Festive decorations can be found throughout the high school in honor of homecoming week.

Homecoming week is something that happens every year at Cannon Falls High School. However, this is the first normal year since COVID started. This year, the student council in both the middle school and high school have lots of fun activities planned for homecoming. Additionally, Homecoming Friday is a PLC early release day, meaning school gets out at 1 p.m. Homecoming week this year falls on the week of October 10 – 14, and students are eagerly awaiting its arrival. CFHS senior Teagan Strecker even said that “I can’t wait to go to the homecoming game and watch the football team win. The student council planned some really great activities and I’m excited to participate.”

The high school student council has planned a dress-up day for every day of the week. Monday starts off the week with Adam Sandler day. Tuesday is class color day, which is when each grade level and the staff each have an assigned color. The colors for each grade are: 12th grade white, 11th grade yellow, 10th grade blue, 9th grade orange, 8th green grade, 7th grade purple, 6th grade red, and staff black. Wednesday is senior citizen or jersey day. Thursday is throwback day, where people dress like they are from different decades. And finally, Friday is bomber spirit day, which is a day when everyone wears their bomber gear to show school spirit. Along with the dress-up days, the school will be decorated by the council the Friday before homecoming. There will also be a pep fest and fun activities throughout the day on Friday. The staff are going to each have activities for students to participate in on Friday. The high school student council is also putting on a dance for 9-12 grade after the football game from 8:30-11:30 pm. 

The middle school is also putting on a door decorating contest for the staff to do. The teachers can have students decorate their door or decorate the door themselves. The middle school will judge the doors that are decorated and pick their favorite one and the winner will get a prize at the pep fest on homecoming day. Although the middle school isn’t doing much, this is a very big part of homecoming. It gets students and staff excited for the game and everyone gets to show their school spirit.

Friday night football is one of the biggest focuses of homecoming, but this year there is also a volleyball game on Friday against Pine Island at 2:00 pm after school. Another event that will be happening is Coronation on Monday the 10th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium. The high school will also begin selling tickets for the homecoming dance and spirit gear during the lunches Monday through Thursday. 

Even though each student on the council is doing their part to help out there are still some worries. “I am a little worried about it not going smoothly and something going wrong” president of the high school student council, Nathan Baszuro, said. Mrs. Dahlen — the staff organizer of student council — is excited to see how this year is different from other years. She said that she likes to see how each group does things differently every year. 

Homecoming is very busy this year. Although there is a lot planned, school will still be happening and continue on as normal throughout the week.  The high school would like that everyone participates in the dress-up days and activities during the pep fest to make the week extra fun.