Honoring veterans

A Veteran’s day ceremony was held at Cannon Falls High School.



The Cannon Falls VFW Color Guard acknowledges the honoring of individual branches of the military.

On November 11, 2022, the Cannon Falls Middle and High School had their annual Veteran’s Day Program; it was an eventful day.

The day was unique, being as it was veterans day and a PLC day at school. The students had to go to their first class like it was an ordinary day. However, their second class was cut short and everyone headed to the high school gym where the presentation was held. Since it was a PLC day, it was also an activity day — the designated day for groups like the Lantern, Environmental Club, and more to meet. The activity meetings that usually occur during the time of the program were rescheduled or canceled to make room for the Veteran’s Day presentation.

As people entered the gym, the HS band played two songs: America the Beautiful with music by Samuel A. Ward, arranged by Elliot Del Borgo, and Great Escape with words by Al Stillman, music by Elmer Berstein, and arranged by Robert W. Smith. Great Escape was one of their concert pieces, which they had recently performed. When everyone settled down the veterans entered. The students stood and respected them as the band played the Star Spangled Banner. Steven Strauss, the vice-principal, introduced the choir, who sang American Anthem by Gene Scheer. 

Then Steven Strauss introduced the speaker of the day, Chief Dan Perry. He spoke about his life and how the army impacted his life positively. He explained how he is honored to be able to speak of his experience and wants the audience to take something from the present. He wants the people attending the program to recognize that this is something that they had to go to, rather than something that they should be motivated to the many stories that are untold.

After the speaker finished, the students watched a video that presented information about veterans from Cannon Falls. It also presented the people who are currently serving. When the video was over, the HS band played the March of the Armed Forces, arranged by Michael Sweeney. Each branch of the military stood up when their anthem was played. “The program went really smoothly and I am glad that we get to honor the veterans in a special way,”  junior Addison Richter said. 

It was a short, yet eventful, day. It was a great Veteran’s Day presentation. Steven Strauss commented, “The presentation went very well. The speaker was interesting, the band and choir sounded great, and it was nice to honor veterans on that special day.”