Justice is served

The Lantern reviews the new movie, Justice League

Action films tend to play by their own laws of physics and Justice League is no exception.  In the past, DC fans are disappointed by either the plot (or lack thereof), casting decisions, or visual effects. Although the movie leans more towards the unrealistic side, visual effects did not disappoint. “I enjoyed it”, says Katie. “It successfully made a movie that didn’t rely 100 percent on tropes set by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Astounding viewers with advanced gadgets, Batman (Ben Affleck) used his superpower of being rich as a means of battle. Alien races and technology allow room for imagination as fans speculate more fantastic movies to come.

The movie itself has a very intense, solemn atmosphere but Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) acts as a comic relief. Being a superhero movie, it is sometimes difficult to relate to idealized ‘humans’ with enhanced abilities, but the Flash was a relatable character who had no idea what he was doing or how to do it. Panicking before an epic battle scene and voicing obvious comments at very inappropriate times were just a few of his specialities.

Justice League is no exception to the many similarities that the DC and Marvel universes have. Any superhero fan can identify the parallelism between DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. The Flash and Spiderman were both the new recruits to the teams. They also play the most lovable characters who combat the brooding attitudes of their coworkers.

Ultimately, the most incredible aspect of the film was Aquaman. Many cartoons have made fun of the ocean-dweller, but Jason Monora gave his character purpose and depth. The movie not only added to the DC history archive, but also set up characters for their own movies. Through a little bit of research, I discovered Aquaman would be catching his own movie which will be coming out in December. As for other superhero origin stories, I guess we’ll just have to wait and sea.