Marguerite’s problem

Marguerite Holes, Staff Writer

When thinking about things that are necessary for everyday life, math usually doesn’t cross the mind, and if it does, it probably comes right along with the word ‘money’. Finances are probably one of the only reasons that a person would use what is taught to them in their high school math classes. Other than that, the information forced into the minds of high school students these days is completely useless to them in the future. It won’t help them become employed and it can cause a lot of stress in their lives.

         Everybody obviously needs to know how to do the basic operations in math, but factoring a polynomial is probably the last thing somebody needs to know. It’s not like somebody is going to need to factor a polynomial to find out the speed limit on a road. That information is completely useless. Finding the parabola of a function is also something that is very unnecessary for everyday life. A parabola isn’t used to determine how much a ball curves or to find out how wide a car tire is, but that’s what the textbooks are saying. Once again, this information is useless.

         There are billions and billions of different jobs all over the world, and out of all of those jobs, about five of them require you to know the things taught to you in high school math, like an architect for example. If somebody wants to know how to solve a math problem, they can easily just look it up on the internet. If somebody wants to know what the quadratic formula is, they can look it up. If somebody doesn’t know how to find the zeros of a function, they can just look it up, but it is highly doubtful that anybody will ever be sitting at home while thinking to themselves, “Huh, I wonder what the rational zeros are of this function?” Most people wouldn’t do that for fun, because it is too stressful.

when complicated and frustrating work is added into the mix, it can cause a lot of stress”

It has been a proven fact that the math taught in high schools today causes an immense amount of stress in teenagers. High school students have to do so much homework while also studying to keep a good GPA throughout their high school career, but when complicated and frustrating work is added into the mix, it can cause a lot of stress. Stress can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke and it should not be taught any longer.

Math definitely doesn’t come to mind as useful when thinking about everyday life, in fact it’s probably the last thing on the list. High schoolers are forced to learn extremely useless information that is in no way helpful to one’s success in life. In fact, it causes them a lot of unneeded stress, which in some cases can lead to death. Is math really worth the those harmful affects?