Middle schoolers in Neverland

Middle schoolers partake in the spring play – Peter Pan and Wendy.


Nathan Baszuro

Pirates protect Captain Hook from the dangerous alligator!

Here at the Cannon Falls Middle School/High School, students were taking part in a play called “Peter Pan and Wendy” based on the Disney movie, Peter Pan. The lead roles were Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, and Captain Hook, but there were also tiny roles such as pirates and mermaids. Some of the characters have told us their opinion and thoughts on being in the play, and we’ve only heard positive things!

Most of the actors’ favorite scenes were when their character that they have to play dies! Someone died in a cabin, one of them died after falling off a cardboard box, and another died by getting stabbed by the lost boys! 

Everyone that we’ve asked about the play experience absolutely loved it. “I think it’s a great experience for anyone who wants to get into acting. I think I would do it again because, yes, I did like it a lot.” says Blake Johnson, a partaker in the play. 

“Yes, it has been a good experience because I got to experience what it is like to be onstage instead of in the audience. It’s a lot different, but different in a good way.” says Kinzley Rezac, a mermaid and pirate in the play. 

In the end, the play turned out very well, and all of the actors played their parts very well. One thing that they did very well was to move the props and equipment on and off the stage very fast. At the end, there was lots of applause and cheering from the audience… Everyone loved it!