Most wonderful time of the year

The band will be bringing Christmas cheer during their annual concert.


Nathan Baszuro

The band will have their second concert of the year on December 13.

On December 13, the Cannon Falls Band will be showcasing their incredible musical talents at the annual Christmas concert. The production will begin at 6:15 in the Auditorium. The fifth grade band will show off their marvelous new found talents at the start of the production. Shortly thereafter, the sixth-eighth grade band will continue the show and awe the crowd with their well rehearsed jolly Christmas songs. Finally, the high school band will finish off the show with joyous music that will leave you feeling full of Christmas spirit. The band students have been working hard and are looking forward to spreading their love of Christmas through their passion for music. Don’t be a Grinch, come join us to fill your heart with the joy of Christmas.